Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 106 – Data Mining: The Pump Stations

Time to get into the Arid Nexus. This means heading back to the Eridium, Blight and using the explosives that Brick had you grab. Head to the Southeastern corner of the Blight. Just approach the bridge carefully and wait for the all the explosions. After that head on through. Once on the other side turn in the mission (Toil and Trouble).

Mordecai will contact you and tell you that you need to head to the Northeastern corner of the area and look for a service entrance. You are going to be slipping into the Information Stockade through its sewers. Head to the Northeast from the starting point inside the Arid Nexus. It is just a short drive there. Once there head up the ramp and over tot he nearby ladder. This will promptly fall once you get close to it. Mordecai calls in and tells you to now head for one of the pumping stations to raise the pressure around this location and try to burst the pipe.

Eridium Pump Station 1
Head back to your vehicle and head to the South. Get close to the pipes near the marker and get out of the vehicle. Time to head on through and deal with things here. Go under the pipes and get to walking toward the marker. This is Eridium Pump Station 1. once under the pipe head to the Southwestern portion of the pump station. Deal with any Hyperion Snipers or Loaders that appear as you head down there. Once there go on up the stairs. As you go up those stairs you have a number of soldiers and Loaders to deal with. Fight your way on through toward the Northeastern portion of this platform. It is here you will find the set of stairs that lead to the Pump Station Controls. You will find them in the center with a set of controls on each side. Unfortunately, as you get to them Hyperion Soldiers arrive and start attacking you. They are joined by a few Loaders so be careful. Fight through them all and set things into motion for the first pump station.

Eridium Pump Station 2
Head to the Northern Catch-A-Ride on the first pump station. You can easily get a new vehicle and set off to the next station to the Northeast. Head on over there. It is the Eastern Catch-A-Ride station. Once there hit the elevator button just past the entry ramp to be lowered down into the Pump Station.

Once below ground head over to the East to find the ramp that will lead you onwards. Head down it and along the tunnel to the South. As you exit that part and reach where the Eridium is being pumped is where you will find yourself under attack by SGT Loaders. This are armored so Corrosive-type weaponry is a must against then. Now start fighting your way over to the West. You will have a few more Loaders as you approach the stairs. As you start up them then the soldiers will appear and start attacking you. Deal with them then you can easily get to the 2 Pump Controls and raise the pressure inside the pipeline. As you leave be sure to run out. 4 EXP Loaders will appear as you are leaving and start after you. Running gives you the best chance to make it to the elevator and avoid the worst of the blasts.

Eridium Pump Station 3
Time to head over to the Northwestern portion of the Boneyard and get to the final pump station. Approach this station carefully. You have Hyperion Soldiers and a variety of Loaders. This includes both SGT and JET Loaders. Fight through them and head into the Northern building. You will find the final 2 switches. Throw them and it is time to head back to the pipe and burst it open.