Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 105 – Arid Nexus Sidequests: This Just In

Once you start “Data Mining” having completed “Toil and Trouble”, talk with Mordecai. He will tell you that he wants you to take out the DJ behind the Hyperion Truth Network. He wants you to track down Hunter Hellquist and put an end to him.

To start this, head on out to the Arid Nexus. Once there start over to the Eastern side of the Arid nexus Boneyard. It is only a short drive from the start of the Boneyard from the Eridium Blight to reach the marker. Head to the Eastern side of the structure at the marker. From there simply throw the glowing switch to get raised up to where you will find the DJ.

When you make it up you will find him inside his own little broadcasting room. To get in you need to open one of the doors on either side. Be ready as once you do, you will find yourself under assault not just from Hunter Hellquist but a few EXP Loaders and at least one RPG Loader. Start moving and take out the EXP Loaders to avoid the massive damage that they do.

If you are completing the challenge to switch off Hunter Hellquist's radio it will take some patience and a steady hand. Keep to the broadcasting booth as it keeps you fairly safe from the EXP Loaders. It will give you a fair chance of surviving both going off or at least putting you in a good position to take out any RPG Loaders that are nearby and getting a Second Wind need be. TO switch off the radio you need to approach Hellquist from behind or get access to the radio on his back. You will see the standard radio prompts at close enough range. Just wait for him to be in reach. Once he is then you want to turn it off. Once after that do you kill him to get the challenge.

With Hunter Hellquist blown away head on back to Sanctuary and report in to Mordecai to finish this out and claim your rewards.

Rewards: 7430 XP, 4 Eridium