Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 103 – Sawtooth Cauldron: The Lost Treasure

This is a quest you want to be sure to pick up and complete as soon as you can. It will give you a unique weapon that will help a lot toward the end of the story mission, “Toil and Trouble”. You can begin it by finding the ECHO Recording in the Northeastern corner of the Sawtooth Cauldron. You will find a small box with a quest marker sticking out of it. Open it up to find this mission.

This part of the largest sidequest that you can undertake. There are a total of 4 map pieces that need to be found. The problem is that each Bandit only has a small chance of dropping the map pieces. This means a lot of bandits need to die. You will need to kill almost all of the bandits in the Sawtooth Stilts, the Cave and the Main Street Reservoir. Just go to town and kill everyone that you can. This will get you the 4 pieces of the map. This leads to the second part of the quest.

Caustic Caverns
Having gone with all that trouble to find the first 4 pieces you now need to find 4 levers scattered throughout the Caustic Caverns. Be sure that you have completed “Minecart Mischief” as it is important to give access to the final area where you need to go to find the last lever.

Lever 1: “Under the acid-soaked railway.”
Returning to the Caustic Caverns head to the North then Northeastern portion, into Oozing Discharge. Inside Oozing Discharge you will see a railway above all the caustic substance. Head for the middle support, which is the second one out onto the acid lake. Run over there quickly and head for the Southern face of it to find the lever sitting near the base. Throw it and then return to the shore to start hunting for the next lever.

Lever 2: “In the warehouse on the shore.”
Head to the North from the Oozing Discharge, you want to head into the Infested Warehouse that is above it. Head North through the Rumbling Shore into the Warehouse that is above it to the Northwest. Once inside you have a hive of varkids to deal with. Still, you will find the lever on the Northeastern side of the Warehouse. Head out to the shore that sits there and look around the center of the wall in that section. You will find the lever there.

Lever 3: “In the digger's shadow.”
Continue to the Northwest through the Infested Warehouse into the area beyond. Head over to the West and into the Abandoned Mining Camp that is nearby. Look around for a massive digger. That is found in the Western portion just North of the Spiderant colony that is nearby. Head over to the Western side where you will the backside of a mining shack. Search along there to find this lever.

Lever 4: “Within Dahl's blody sixth.”
Time to head into the Dahl Deep Core 06. This can only be accessed if you have “Minecart Mischief”. Head over to the East from the third lever, up the slope and start following the minecart tracks that are sitting there. Head through the opening into the mining shaft itself. You will need to fight through numerous threshers and varkids so be on your toes for this portion. Head through the room with the crusher and look for the path into the Deep Core. Once you make it there search the Northeastern part of the room to find the final switch.

The Treasure
Head on out through the Mining tunnel to make your life a bit easier. This will put you closer to your next destination. Just head to the Southwest from the exit of the mining tunnel you came through to find the platform that will lead up to the Varkid Ramparts. Arrive in the Abandoned Mining Camp and head over to the massive lift that sits just to the left of the entrance. Take this to get to the Varkid Ramparts. Now you will need to fight through not just a few Varkids but a lot Spiderants as well.

Start by heading to the East at the top of the lift. Turn to the South when you can. Fight through the spiderants in the second clearing. After those go down, start to the Southwest. There you will find the final clearing. It is here you will find the treasure you are looking for. You get a unique pistol that fires off corrosive-type homing rounds. This will make dealing with a lot of buzzards notably easier.