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Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 102 – Sawtooth Cauldron: The Great Escape
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 12/21/2012
A series of articles covering Borderlands 2. This covers the mission, "The Great Escape" where the Vault Hunter helps Ulysses get off Pandora with a Lunar Supply Beacon.

Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 102 – Sawtooth Cauldron: The Great Escape

Head up to the Buzzard Nest in the Sawtooth Cauldron. Here you will find a Goliath shaded fellow named Ulysses. He wants to get off Pandora as quickly as he can. He wants you to head into the Smoke Guano Grotto and grab a Lunar Supply Beacon for him (and optionally his fish).

Getting the fish is a simple matter. Head back down the elevator and head over tot he right. Fight your way through the bandits and look for the marker that sits on top of the nearby building. Climb up the building to the North of the Elevator. Look around the roof to find a plastic bag with the gold fish Fredrick inside it. Grab it then it is time to head over to the East to grab the Supply Beacon. It is close to the entrance of the Grotto from the Stilts. You just need to head down to the ledge that sits none too far from the entrance. Just drop on top of the marker and you will have no problem finding the beacon at all. Once you grab it you need to climb back up and then head over to Ulysses with his fish back in the Buzzard Nest.

When you make it up to the top, just place the beacon where it is marked. After that just back away and climb up the nearby ladder. Just watch as Ulysses gets what he was after, in a matter of speaking.

Rewards: 6983 XP, 4 Eridium