Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 101 – Toil and Trouble: The Boombringer

Once you are out onto the Main Street it is time to make for the hanger. Head over to the South and into the next bandit camp to the West. You need to fight through here to make it close to the hanger. You will need to fight your way through the town to Cramfist's Factory. When you make it there you will be wanting to find your way over to the West and into the Buzzard Hangar that is nearby. Look for stairs going to the West. This will lead you right to the Hangar that you are looking for.

When you make it out to the location you will find yourself facing down a number of Goliaths. Behind them you have even more Bandits of the marauder and psycho varieties. This is in addition to a few Buzzards coming into the scene and trying to ruin the party as well with 2 Gun turrets firing down from bove. Kill them all then head over to the West.

Cross over the hatch in the middle of the area. On the far side is a control console. Look for the switch and throw it. It will reveal the Boombringer, your target. After everything you just went through to get here, enjoy it. Blast the buzzard and walk away from it before it explodes to get a bonus objective achieved. It does seem pretty sweet. Now just walk away and Mortar will be ready to challenge you. Just head straight back into the Caverns. If you head to the Northeast you will have no problem finding your way back to the elevator in no time at all.

There will be a few bandits respawned in the area but nothing too big to worry about. Once they are dealt with head for the elevator by the Ammo Dump. Mortar will appear out of there and you have the option of killing him. He asks like a Tunnel Rat with a lot of running around so be ready for the speed. Just deal with him like you would any other one of those Rats that has a shield. Brick will congratulate you for killing Mortar and then it is time to head on up with the elevator.

This will get you up to the Buzzard Nest. It is time to deal with the Bandits here and the Buzzards that are swarming the area. If you completed “Lost Treasure”, this is the time to pull out that gun. Other wise grab a good corrosive-type weapon and get ready for shooting at Buzzards. This is not an easy thing to do without something that can track flying enemies but very doable. It just takes longer to pull off without it. Lead your shots on anything that flies and you will have no problem taking them all down.

When it is all done Brick will ask you to mark 4 crates. One is on the Southern edge of the Buzzard nest. There are 2 on the Western side and 1 on the Eastern side. Just make a circuit around here and you will have nor problem marking all 4. With all 4 marked it is just a short matter of time for the Slabs to come in and claim all 4 of the crates. Just wait it out and you will complete this mission without any more difficulty.

Now comes getting out of here. Take a moment to head over to the Southwestern Corner of the Buzzard Nest. From there hop up from the tires onto the cargo containers in that area. Head to the Southwest corner and look down. You will notice a small, out of the camp site. Jump down to it with a running start to make it for certain. This will take you Avie's Camp where you can find some nice loot. Grab it then head for the Buzzard's nest. Now jump off to the East and you will land very close to the Fast Travel, making for an easy path out.