Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 100 – Sawtooth Cauldron Sidequests: The Chosen One

Marcus gave some wrong change and now it is on you to track down this Kai fellow and see that you get the 9 bucks that Marcus is owed. To find him through you need to track him down through his ECHOcast that are scattered throughout the Sawtooth Cauldron. This gives them in order that is simplest to pick them up.

ECHOcast 1
Head over to the Eastern side of the Sawtooth Cauldron from the entrance of it. You need to fight through a lot of bandits to get here so be ready for it. After you have madei t through the first collection of buildings press on to the second. Follow the path and look for a small pyrmid of boxes next to a burning barrel. It is here you will find the first ECHOcast

ECHOcast 2
To start this one you need to work your way out into the Sawtooth Slits. Thankfully you  can just jump over to the entrance without much preamble aside from a running start.. From there you need to head through to the Main Street Reservoir. Once you enter into the area you will find a recorder none too far in that is the second of the 3 ECHOs that you need to track down to find out where this Kai has gone.

ECHOcast 3
With the second ECHOcast in hand head over to the West. Keep to the road and avoid the watery area of the reseverior else you are taking on 3 Threshers. Instead head into the Bandit camp and face down their massive numbers. Fight your way over to the West and look for the first dome on the right. When you find it head around it to collect the final ECHOcast.

Kai's Location
Head for the one white marker to the East in the Reservoir. This is where you will encounter some Threshers but also find the remains of Kai. Marcus is a good salesman for sure. He will then ask you to bring the money back to him.

Rewards: 6983 XP, $1074, Green handgun