Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 99 – Toil and Trouble: The Information Stockade

Time to learn where the Warrior is held and that means charging into the Hyperion Information Stockade in the Eridium Blight. Time to head on out there and see what is going on. Start by heading out to the Dust. Once there go to the previously unexplored Northwestern corner. This will lead you directly to the Blight. Now it is time to head on out toward the Arid Nexus.

Before going there it is important to get some bearings on what is floating around here. Head down the slope to the Fast Travel Station to trigger it and open this place up for a quick return later. You can now access the Bounty Board here for a few missions. If you want to move the mission forward though, head into the canyon nearby, The Slag Scar. Now take it over to the East and South. Follow the road until just after the giant Bullymong that is near a bridge entrance. Head for that bridge entrance but do not be gunning it toward it. If you do, you will wind up respawning after having plunged into the lake there. Now you need to upgrade the Slab's equipment so they can deal with this problem properly. This means heading for the Sawtooth Cauldron.

Time to head for Sawtooth Cauldron and see what kind of artillery is waiting there for you. You need to head for the exit. It is in the Northern part of the Eridium Blight nearby the Catch-A-Ride to the North of the bridge.

Sawtooth Cauldron
Welcome to the next area. To get what you are after you now need to head through the Smoking Guano Grotto and ascend the Inferno Tower. Good times it sounds like. Head to the West to get started here. Now you have a simple choice. You can either head through the bandit camp in its enterity and fight all the way through it or just jump off the cliff where you will drop right onto the entrance. The second option is a lot easier and slightly recommended as falling damage simply does not exist in this game.

Once you make it into the caves things get more interesting. Deal with the few bandits that guard the entrance and head inside. Now you have a number of different bandit types to deal with: Goliaths, Nomads, Psychos. Brick will tell you what kind of explosives to look for. Just start by heading in and then working your way over to the West.

When you make it to the marker you will find that you need to fight through 4 Ambush Commanders that are blocking your way forward. Even when you defeat all 4 of this Nomad Torturers you need to finish off whatever is left of their entourage just to stay alive. During this time, Brick will figure out how to get down to where the explosives are and tell you that you need to head for the Main Street Reservoir and look for the Buzzard hangers. Head over to the East and then look for the stairs that will take you to the South. This will lead you straight to where you want to go.