Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 98 – Eridium Blight Sidequests: A Real Boy: Clothes Make the Man, Face Time, Human

Every once in a while these Loaders get really strange ideas. This one is no exception. Head to the Southern part of the Eridium Blight. You will find a place called a Human Dwelling Place. Here you will find a Loader that wants to talk to you and it asks you to call it Mal. Talk with him to start this quest chain. Mal wants to be closer to human. This means, first, getting the right clothes.

Head to the Northern part of the Eridium Blight toward Lover's Leap and the Bandit Camps around it. You need to find the right clothes first. Only the bandits will be dropping the right things. Just get into the search area, take out a Goliath's mask or two and watch the fun. Kill Steal from the Goliaths to make sure you get the clothes quickly. This is also a great time to use area of effect weaponry to just decimate the local bandit population.

When you have all 3 items return to Mal so he can put them on and give you the next mission.

Rewards: 7430 XP, $601, Green Sniper Rifle/Green Shield

Face Time
Time to do something else for Mal. He wants limbs, severed limbs and several of them. This means that you need to head into the North again and look for the Bandit camps there as they keep buckets of them. Once again, across the bridge to the North toward Mount Hellfont.

The Face
Start by heading to the bandit camp with the Catch-A-Ride inside it. Head just behind the Catch-A-Ride. You will see a bucket of parts just to the right of the stairs. There you will find a mask that Mal can wear. Grab it.

Left Arm
Head across the next bridge to the North toward Lover's Leap. This area will still be clear if you just did “Cloths Make the Man”. Just head over to the bucket of limbs by the cargo container to the North of the Camp. Grab the arm and it is off to the next part.

Right Arm
Head back to the South then turn to the West. Time across the bridge to the South and make for Mount Hellfont. Once there go to the South and into the nearby bandit camp. You will find the next part just a short ways past the gate closest to the bridge you just came across. Or so it seems. Head into the camp and head to the right. Look for the ramp going up to the right. Run for the rap and then up it and over to the end of it. Once you get close to the entrance you will see a safe that takes a smash to open. To the right of it you will find the next body part. Grab it and leap down to your ride.

Left Leg
Head up the slope to the South and look for the next bandit camp to the Northeast. Drive into it to find yourself in the Slagma Refinery. Fight through any Bandits that you find here. Once they are all dead head to the Eastern end of the area and look for stairs to the North. It leads to a small balcony that has the limb you are looking for. Collect it and then it is off to get the final one.

Right Leg
Head over to the East from the Refinery. You will see a gap in the fence that you can use to reach your destination. Just head through there and go straight on. Not only will you find bandits here to kill but you must fight through a small wave of Loaders. Defeat all of them, head past the shack there and look behind the toilet. Behind it you will find the final bucket of limbs.

Rewards: 7430 XP, $601, Green Shotgun/Green SMG

This time Mal thinks he really has cracked it and discovered the security to all humanity. He thinks that it rest in their desire to kill one another. He will rant for a while about a number of things. Use this time to pull out the corrosive weaponry and get ready to just mop the floor with him. He is not the hardest Loader that you have fought and is much more on par with a GUN Loader. Just fight him as you would any other GUN Loader. Light him up with corrosive-type weaponry and it will be over soon enough. After the fight talk with him to collect your reward.

Rewards: 7430 XP, Blue Handgun