Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 97 – Eridium Blight Sidequests: Customer Service

This is the third and final delivery Sidequest available in the game and it is considerably easier than any of the others. Marcus got drunk last night and sent out refunds for bad purchases and restitution. Any rate, he wants you to get those checks back in a hurry before the auto-mail catches them and sends them on their way.

Package 1
The timer, will not start until you grab the first check so make sure that it is one that puts you in a good position for the rest of them. In this case, head to the West from the Bounty Board then to the North across the bridge. Head to Mount Hellfont to the North of the bridge and over to the first of the mail boxes. You will find it in the Slagma Refinery that is on the Mount just past the second bridge. Grab the check and it is time to start off running.

Package 2
From the refinery just head to the East, over the cliff. Now turn to the left and cross the bridge there. On the other side of the wall you will find the second mailbox at the top of the ladder there. Open it and grab the check. You may encounter a Caustic Goliath, just ignore him and make a running leap back to your car.

Package 3
Take off back across the bridge you just crossed and turn to the East. Cross the bridge to the East to get over to the next check. You will find the mailbox nearby the stairs to the Catch-A-Ride. Grab the check and start to the South.

Package 4
This time, do not go on to the bridge, just drop down into the Slag Scar, the canyon below. Once in the canyon just gun it to the Eastern edge dock. You will see the mailbox to the right of the stairs leading up to the small dock. Just grab it and turn around to the West and take off.

Package 5
Head to the Southeast to get out of the Slag Scar. Now follow this path over to the West. Be careful as there is a massive Bullymong in this area that you do not want to tangle with just yet. Head to the West when you can and look for a pedestrian bridge. It will lead to a locked door that guards the final check. Approach it on foot and 2 Loaders will appear. Quickly kill them off to get inside. Fight your way through the Loaders over to the mail box. It is not an easy fight as you are dealing with higher level Loaders and SGT Loaders as well. Once you collect the check though there is nothing left to do but turn it in.

Rewards: 3491 XP, $1047, Purple SMG/Blue Grenade Mod.