Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 96 – Eridium Blight Sidequests: Kill Yourself, To Grandmother's House We Go

You can accept this very straightforward quest from the bounty board by the Handsome Jack Statue in the Eridium Blight. He has a very simple proposition for you. To kill yourself or not. Since there is a lot of Eridium in it, it seems like a nice trade through the New-U system. Never mind what Jack says, though it is amusing. Now head to the North from the Bounty Board. Mind you this involves following the road until you can go North. From there, get through the 2 Bandit camps in your way then you will find yourself at Lover's Leap. Now, you will witness a marauder just jumping off screaming about his future riches. Now you can either follow his example for the Eridium or just hit the Suicide Prevention Button that is nearby and just get the Experience. The choice is yours.

Rewards: 3715 XP, 12 Eridium

To Grandmother's House We Go
Handsome Jack wants you to go check on his Grandmother. In no way does that sound fishy at all. He also asks you to find 5 flowers as a bonus to complete while on your way to her cottage. Never mind this is a crap part of Pandora. So, head over to Mount Hellfront., to the East and North of the Bounty Board and then start making your way up to the top of the Mountain. Circle around it until you come to the first of the flowers to the West of the White Picket Fence. It is sitting right at the base of a pole. Now head through the white picket fence and look to the left to find the second flower. Head to the East from there and look for the New-U Station. Behind it you will notice a barrel. Look behind the barrel to find the third flower. Keep on the left-hand side of the fence and head to the East. You will find the fourth flower on the same side. Just one more to collect. Head over to the house and 5 Marauders will appear and attack you. Kill them off and head to the Western side of the House to find the final flower.

With the bandits dead and the flowers collected, it is time to check on Grandmother. Head around to the Southwest side of the house to find the way in. Expect a Goliath to pop down from the ceiling as you head deeper in and go past the lockers. Eventually you will find Grandma's Buzz Saw. Collect it for Jack and then head on back to the Bounty Board to turn it in.

Rewards: 3063 XP, $856/$1712 with Bonus, Purple Skin Customization