Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 95 – Lynchwood Sidequest: Demon Hunter

Once you have completed the Animal Rescue Sidequests with Dukino, return to Sanctuary. A new quest in Lynchwood will be available. You need to head in and deal with not Dukino, but his Mother. Head for the Old Mine where you left Dukino. Be sure that you have a lot of Corrosive and Slag-Type Weaponry. You are going to be dealing with a very heavily armored foe and you need to be ready for that.

Head over to the Old Mine and descend into its depths once again. Where you will find Dukino's Mom. This massive Skag is your target. While it can kill you very quickly you also have a lot of low level bandits running around in the area. This means you will need to target them to get your second winds. You need to be on the move and ready to fire on Dukino's Mom any chance that you get.  If things are looking bad you will need to close the distance between you and the bandits quickly.

Dukino's Mom
She has 3 main attacks you need to worry about. The first is a shockwave that she can generate with a ground pound. This one can only be avoided at a distance where you saw it coming. At range you can jump it and avoid the worst of it. Her other 2 attacks are electrical in nature. She can sweep the room with an electrical beam. This one is best to just avoid by hiding behind some cover. The final attack is an shock-Type bomb that she can lob at you. As long as you are moving perpendicular to her (Strafing), it should be no problem to avoid.

As the battle goes on she will do one very annoying thing: start destroying the cover in the area. It is scarce to begin with in this area so it just makes the fight that much harder to deal with. Still, keeping on the move will go a long way to ensure that you survive the fight. As long as you can reach the bandits you will be able to get through this fight. If you are too far away to land any shots then you will find yourself dead before too long.

Reward: 6126 XP, Blue Sniper Rifle