Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 93 – Where Angels Fear To Tread: Control Core Angel

Head forward through this corridor into the next chamber with the marker. Interact with the button and move on forward when the door is opened. Angel will perform a phase shift. She reveals herself to be a Siren, one of the 6 known to exist in the universe. She explains how to kill her, that you must destroy the Eridium injectors that are sustaining her. There is also a major reveal here so keep an ear open. Fire on whatever injector is closest to you. While you will get some damage in, Jack will get the shields up around them. Angel will start working on a way to disable them. In the mean time it means you need to fight.

Now you need to face down the first part of the Loaders. Thankfully it starts easily with just a few. It is what comes after those you need to worry about a lot. Shock Field Generators will appear from the floor. Now you need to quickly destroy whichever one is closest to you. This will create a safe area for you to avoid all the other ones in. Now start working your way around the room destroying the Generators.

Just after that, the Angelic Guard will be deployed. This is a small wave of Loaders that are a bit tougher than usual unless you go fro the critical hit approach. They have a unique sweeping laser attack so try to take them out quickly to minimize their chances of doing damage to you. For now, focus on survival. You do not need to worry about ammo as Angel will be helping you by restocking the central ammo crate in the room periodically. Just keep it until the next part of the battle begins.

Roland will appear and move to the center of the chamber. He will be startled by the truth about Angel but listens to her when told what to do. Now you just need to survive for a minute or two while he brings down the shield on one of the injectors. Once he does, pull out whatever weapon you can that is full and unload on it.

Now it is back to survival. Head over to Roland and he will drop his Scorpio Turret to help you out in this battle. Just survive through the present waves of Loaders then Roland will head back up. Once again, survival time as Roland works to disable the Eridium Injectors. Now, opposed to just Loaders, the Core will deploy Auto Turrets around Angel herself. Kill off the Loaders quickly as you fight through to take out the turrets. There are 3 total. Now fight through the rest of the Loaders and wait for Roland to expose the next Injector.

Jack will disable the Light Bridges now so Roland cannot access the final control panel. The good news is Lilith shows up to help out wit the fight even though everyone was saying to stay back. She jumps into the fray using her phase-walking ability to great effect. Now just help her out with destroying the remaining Loaders. After that she will teleport Roland to the control console to disable the last of the shields. The problem now is destroying the newly deployed Core Turrets quickly enough to stay alive. Just after that you will need to defeat the WAR Loaders that have appeared in the room. Just keep fighting until the final shield drops. When it does, immediately open fire on the final injector.

When it is all over, talk with Roland. This will bring the mission to an end and move the story forward.

Part 2
When you appear, wherever you are, then it is time to do some looting. Move into the next room and you will be notified that you are in the Marcus Munitions Storeroom. Loot everything you can here as you can only access it this once. Now head on through the door back into Sanctuary itself. Marcus comments on you, then it is time to see Mordecai about the next mission.