Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 92 – Where Angels Fear To Tread: BNK-3R

Immediately head for where BNK-3R took off from. At the top of the waterfall you will find a handy chest. Use it to get a nice weapon. This thing is a beast of a foe to deal with and you want to find some cover that can be used reliably throughout the fight.

BNK-3R has a number of attacks that you will need to worry about. It has mortars, lasers and auto turrets on its underside. Listen for Brick's call outs as he will let you know when Mortar fire is incoming at least. Now this foe is unique in that it will disengage from direct conflict and focus on mortar runs. While this is happening, just deal with the Loaders and dodge any mortar shells that get close to you. Now, there is one attack you absolutely must avoid. When you see BNK-3R charging a purple laser, run for the stairs in the central platform and get into cover. That laser will instantly down you if it nicks you. Hide until it has finished firing unless you can get a clean shot in without exposing yourself to that beam. If you want to get critical hits on it you need to aim for the Red Eyes that rest toward the front of its nose cone.

Here is where you want to use that precision Corrosive-Type damage. It is still a big machine which means you can do the most damage with the corrosive weapon you brought. Focus onto its weak points and it will be a bit easier of a fight. It is still very hard even knowing what is going on.

When you get the BNK-3R low on health it will change its pattern. It will start to hover on the Northern end of the platform and just fire its laser. It is reduced in power so it will not instantly kill you anymore. Just focus firing on BNK-3R from the steps leading to the Waterfall. This will make your life a lot easier to deal with. Duck in and out from cover and fire on BNK-3R. With just a little more effort you will take down the big bad bot.

With that done, approach its remains and grab all the loot that just dropped from it. There is no lacking of anything here. Pick up everything you can and be sure to sell off any junk. The vending machines are up again.

Head down near the vending machines and you will find the elevator that you need to take to get down to the Core of the Guardian Angel. Just head over there and inside it. Let the bio-scan proceed and then Angel will finally tell you the password. Turn to the right and interact with the speaker to say it. This opens the door in front of you. Move forward and head onto the elevator. Trigger it and go on down into the depths of the control core.

When you get to the bottom turn around and head through the door there. It is time to enter into Control Core Angel properly.