Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 91 – Where Angels Fear To Tread: The Bunker

Head on up the gentle slope. Brick has sent some Slabs to help you out for now. Head on up to the vending machines that are nearby and clear out what you need to have plenty of space. Now you need to work with the Slabs to take down the Auto Cannons to ensure that you will have air support to get through this whole mess. Start running after you have restocked on ammo and health. Head on up the slope to the stairs, turn left and head over to the next set. Once there it is time to start dealing with the Auto Cannons.

The first one is simple and in plain sight. Just duck in and out of cover to get through it. The second one in deeper into the platform. Take it out and get ready to jump. When the second is destroyed then laser Countermeasures are initiated. Get onto something above the ground. Brick will call out that you are getting some supplies around this time. After the lasers finish, look for them.

Time to chase after the next cannon. Jump off the platform you are on to the level below. Head for the first set of stairs to find the third Auto Cannon. Now head to the South toward the next Auto Cannon. Be sure to jump the next set of lasers as well.

The fourth cannon can only be shot at from the perimeter circle as it hangs on the underside of the top part of the bunker. Be careful as it does have a good vantage on you. However it is very easy to keep at least somewhat covered thanks to the barrier fence. Whenever possible, shoot the red dot on the back of the turret for a critical hit. Remember to jump after you defeat the turret to avoid the laser countermeasures.

Head out from the underneath the overhang and look to the right. You will see the next Auto cannon there. Start shooting it and keep moving as there is no good cover here. Now make for the center of the bunker on the top. You will find the next turret there. The Slabs will also perform an ammo drop there so you can restock your supplies after having been fighting for so long. Destroy the Auto turret there then head to the South on the central platform.

Head over to the Southwestern corner. From there you can easily shoot the turret that appeared in that area. Defeat it amidst the Loaders that are attacking you then make for an elevated position to avoid the laser countermeasures. With that on destroyed turn around to the Northwest and look for the next turret. Destroy it and dodge the lasers that follow.

Now head over to the Western side of the center platform. Just take out the Auto cannon there and then get back to the center to deal with the few that remain. Be sure to restock on ammunition before you destroy the final auto turret as the vending machines are about to go away.

When it is all over then it is time to take on the Bunker, a Defensive Robot: BNK-3R.