Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 90 – Where Angels Fear To Tread: The Security Shield

Time to pull everything together so you can do something that sounds nearly impossible Take some time to go over all your equipment and pull the stuff that offers the best Corrosive-Type fire with a decent reload speed. If you have a Corrisive Sniper Rifle you are set for the coming boss fight. If not, get something with zoom because you are going to want precision. Having something to do Slag can be very nice here, Clear inventory and stash what you want to keep. This starts with something easy enough as you need to convince Claptrap to help out with this mission. He is marked on the map so go after him. All you need to do is approach and talk with Claptrap and he will be inclined to head after Jack because he thought that Jack is after him. With that sorted it is time to head for Thousand Cuts.

Once in Thousand Cuts head into Slab Town. Cross over the Bridge to Bloody Knuckle Point and start to the South from there into No Man's Land. Remember, most Slabs are dumb and will just attack you because. Do not feel bad killing them. Either run or fight your way through those locations and approach Claptrap. When you are ready, talk with him and it is time to start toward the first of the 3 barriers. Claptrap will roll right through, wait for you, then remember you are not a Hyperion Robot. He will roll off to the left and deactivate the first barrier.

Head up the slope and stand in front of the next barrier. Once it drops it is back to fighting some. A BUL Loader will deploy just in front of you and Claptrap will run away. Let the Slabs deal with most of the fire so just run forward, to the top of the hill. When you make it there get ready. You have Hyperion Soldiers to contend with, who are armored and likely shielded, in addition to a Constructor. Take them all out. When you do, a door will open to the East. Head through it.

On this road, watch out for the targeting circles. If it is red, stay out of it. Just run along the road upwards for now. Ignore the Loaders, they are much more a distraction than a fight in that concentration. Just keep running along the road. When you approach the next set of cargo containers, cut out to the left and get behind them. Now you have to get through the next part.

The door is guarded by a few Turrets mounted on the wall. From the cover of the cargo containers, fire carefully onto the turrets to minimize the damage you are taking. Enjoy Brick's comment as you blast the second turret and the door opens. You now have numerous WAR Loaders and Soldiers to worry about with a few Repair Surveyors. Defeat all of them and head through the door.

You have made it to the Control Core Supply Depot. Head through and you have 2 Loaders deploy: A GUN and an EXP. Deal with them then head to the Northwest and take the stairs up to the next part of this. You will find a Badass Constructor on the raised area above you so get to work on that while dealing with the Hyperion Soldiers that are trying to kill you as well. Kill of the Constructor to limit the Loaders and Surveyors that you will need to deal with otherwise. Once it is down head over to the South and look for the next set of stairs on the right. Deal with the few Soldiers and the one Sniper and get up to the final level leading to the bunker.

On this level you have a few Loaders deploy around the corner from the stairs. You have an ION and a RPG Loader. Take care of them then head to where the Constructor was. You have one more group of Hyperion Soldiers to contend with as you start up the stairs for the next part of this mission. At the top of the stairs you have a straight forward run over to the entrance of the Security Door. Take some time to reload everything and get ready for what is to come. Time to head into the Bunker.