Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 89 – Opportunity Sidequest: Written By The Victor, Statuesque

Written By The Victor
This is one of those rare exceptionally easy Sidequest in the world of Pandora. All you need to do is endure your way through the exhibit that Handsome Jack has set up. You will find it in Living Legend Plaza to the South of the entrance of Opportunity. Head over there and interact with the Board that you find at the foot of the Handsome Jack Statue. Be careful in this area as you tend to draw a lot of fire from a number of different loaders and Engineers. There is a strong possibility of taking on a Constructor as well just because it tends to show. Kill off everything you can then accept this quest so you can do it with minimal interruption.

Start by going to the first marker to your left. This part tells you about Jack's arrive and him getting ready to fight with Hyperion armaments. Now head to the opposite corner to the West to find the next entry where it talks about the Vault. Turn to the right and head over to the next part of the historical tour. Just continue around the plaza to the right and listen to all 5 recordings. Once done, turn around and head to where you got the quest to turn it in.

Rewards: $1219, 493 XP

Claptrap has a mission for you on the Opportunity Bounty Board. He wants you to go deface 4 of Handsome Jack's statues. The first is just tot he South of the Bounty Board so it is just a short run away. Shoot it and it will be revealed the statues are bulletproof. Head over to the East and into the Orbital Delivery Zone that is to the East. You need to find the Overseer to get a deactivated Constructor for the next part of Claptrap's plan.

The Orbital Delivery Zone is hard to deal with as you have at least one Badass Constructor to deal with. Fight it carefully and use every advantage you can get on it. Like using the cover nearby and it not always using its shield.

Once that is all dealt with, look along the Northwestern side of the Orbital Delivery Zone to find the Hanger with the Overseer in it. Approach it, and Claptrap will tell you to boot it up and treat it as an ally. Head over to the right-hand side of the Overseer and hit the button there to hack it. Now you need to follow the Overseer as it heads to the first statue.

Jack will start to comment on it as the Overseer begins to attack it with its laser. This causes the local Combat Engineers to appear and attack you with some Loader backup. You will mostly encounter GUN and WAR for this, with a few BUL for good measure.

Be careful when you take down the third statue, then Handsome jack will send in a Super Badass Loader. Focus on it immediately to make sure it cannot do any damage to the Overseer. Just one statue left after that. The final statue is out in the Waterfront district. Just keep up with the Overseer and blast away on anything that comes close to it. Be ready for the final wave as it is massive and there are a lot of enemies. Pull out the best for this. After that just head to the Bounty Board to collect your rewards.

Rewards: 4934 XP, Custom Head