Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 88 – Opportunity Sidequest: Hell Hath No Fury

Head into Opportunity. Once inside you want to head to the Southeastern portion of it, into what is called “The Pit”. You will need to fight through a good sized group of Engineers and Loaders when you cross through the first square and then again as you fight through the Orbital Delivery Zone on the Eastern side of Opportunity.

Once inside the Orbital Delivery Zone, start to the South. You will have your hands full with the various Loaders that will be coming at you. You will also encounter ION Loaders. These Loaders generate a shield that will protect anyone inside it. Still, while you cannot hit it from a distance when the shield is active, nothing stops you from just running into the shielded area and shooting the loader. Be wary as you reach the Southern edge of the Delivery Zone as you can sometimes encounter a Badass Loader in that section.

When you have made it into the Pit, start heading over to the Outer Southeastern edge. It is around here where you are most likely to encounter the Foreman Jasper. He is an Armored Engineer so pull out some good corrosive-weaponry to make it a quick job. As soon as you spot him open fire. He will launch some mines that can grasp onto you and detonate a second or two later. He can also build a Turret and unleash it on you as well. If he does, try to take the turret out just to make life a little easier (though it can be handy if you need a second wind). Now, when you take down the Foreman goes down, he drops a key. Moxxi will ask you to grab the key.

Once you have the key you need to head to the Southern edge of Opportunity. It is here where you will find the Foreman's Shed. As you approach the Southern tip be careful. It is very easy to drop into the nearby pit and need to face the numerous loaders and Engineers on equal footing opposed to above. When you reach that pit near the shed, head over to the right and around the Pit on its Northern side. Cut across to the Southern edge of the Pit using the bridge and approach the marker. Look to the right from the edge of the bridge and you will see a stack of 3 containers. You want to access the bottom left one. Go up to it and use the access key then interact with the door to find out what is inside the crate. You will find some nice explosives. Moxxi asks you to grab them and plant them on the retaining wall.

Pick up the explosives then head over to the East. You will need to face down a Constructor so be careful. Defeat it then move to the North and around the massive pit again. Head to the marked section of wall that sits in the bottom of a smaller pit. Remember where the ladders are so take a moment to find them.

Head into the area where the retaining wall and drop down. Once inside head up one of the nearby support struts to reach the plant point. Put the explosives there and head up any of the ladders. Once you are clear the explosives will go off and you can head back to Moxxxi's to collect your reward from Moxxi.

Rewards: 5319 XP, Blue Grenade Mod