Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 87 – Opportunity Sidequest: Home Movies

Once in Opportunity and up the stairs then Lilith will contact you. She tells you to find 3 Surveyor Lures and to murder 5 Hyperion Engineers as well as obtain a supply beacon. Get things started by heading to the Southeast.

Get through the entrance and head to the left. You will come into the first square of Opportunity. Here you will start with just a Combat Engineer and a PWR Loader. As soon as you fire onto one of those two then you are fighting them plus a number more Engineers and Loaders. It is very easy to meet the second requirement of killing 5 Engineers. Be sure you have the side quest active so it gets recorded.

Now start over to the West. You will eventually come to an overpass. Head over to the nearby ledge that lets you hop up onto the supports in front of you. Take one of the supports upwards. This will lead you directly to the Supply Beacons. Be careful as you approach them you will need to deal with more Combat Engineers and a WAR Loader. Defeat them all and collect the 3 Surveyor Lures.

Head back down to the area below the overhang, where you were fighting the first round of Engineers and Loaders. In this Eastern part of the city you can find the pieces of Jack propaganda that you are looking for. In this one square you will find most of the pieces are you looking for. Just approach each and plant the beacon. After that just sit back and wait for the Surveyor to crash into it. Do this 2 more times then it is onto the next part of Lilith's plan.

After that head to the Southeast, through Living Legend Plaza to the Orbital Delivery Zone, to where you can find the Supply Beacon. Head down the ramp and into the first container on your left. Grab the Orbital Beacon and then start over to the Western side of Opportunity.

If you want to cut wide and avoid anything that might work toward “The Man Who Could Be Jack” then you want to head South into The Pit. Fight your way through all the Engineers and Loaders. Be careful as near the Orbital Delivery Zone you can sometimes face a Badass Constructor. If you see if, it is your call on engaging it. Aside from there, sweep to the South into the Pit then West toward the marked location.

Next you will find yourself in the Residential Quarter. Just head a little more to the North and look for the next area that goes out to the West. Head to the end of that and you will find where you need to plant the Supply Beacon. Now just look on at the crane and watch it go down.

With that final shot it is time to head to the Co-Opportunity Center and to send off the footage that you just shot in Opportunity. Head over to the East into the nearby plaza. The center you are looking for is just to the East. Drop down into any of the gaps in that plaza then head over to the West to find the entrance. Just inside you will have to quickly deal with 2 Hyperion Snipers who generally are not paying a lot fo attention. Kill them quickly or they can drop you fast.

After the Snipers have been dealt head into the center they were guarding. Plug in the camera and then hit the upload button. That will finish out the quest. You can take a moment to just watch the movie if you would like. It is different from your game play, but it still looks good.

Rewards: 4934 XP, $304, 1 of 2 Blue Relics