Borderlands Walkthrough Part 86 – The Man Who Would Be Jack

head on out to the Highlands – Hyperion Bridge. Grab a vehicle and head out onto the bridge itself. There you will find the travel point to reach Opportunity. Start by going to the Southwest to trigger the Fast travel and to gain access to the side quests here.

Head to the Southwest through the square with one of Handsome Jack's statues. In this square you will find a PWR Loader and at least 1 Combat Engineer. Fire on them and you will be facing a small group of Engineers and a few GUN Loaders. After that head toward the marker that you can find closer to the center of Opportunity.

Head into the center and it is time to start looking for Jack's Double. You want to head for Opportunity Square and approach it from the Southwestern side. This will let you walk into it and see Jack's Double Double. Be sure to wipe out the few Loaders and Engineers that are in the entryway of the square to make the next fight a little bit easier.

Jack's Body Double
Engage with a Shock-Type Weapon to quickly strip away his hearty shield. He will be very mobile but it is still easy enough to kill him with just about any weapon you want through. Once the fight starts more Loaders will come and join the fray so be careful. You will have WAR, GUN and HOT Loaders to contend with so be ready for them.

When you kill his double, quickly head over to the corpse and loot it to find the pocket watch that the Guardian Angel is talking about. Now head to the info kiosk that is sitting in the middle of the square. Interact with it and you will get the first of the 5 voice samples you need to complete the voice modulator.

Voice Sample 1
Head out of Opportunity Square and over to the West toward the Residential Quarter. Not too far from the Square you will find the next Kiosk.

Voice Sample 2
Head up the stairs beyond this kiosk and over to the Northwest. In the center of the next clearing you will find the next Kiosk.

Voice Sample 3
Head to the North now. Jump down into the Hyperion Office Complex plaza. There are a lot of Loaders to deal with and one Constructor so be careful. Take them on as best you can and approach the kiosk after the fighting subsides.

Voice Sample 4
Time to book it to the East to reach the final kiosk and finish this part of the mission. Now head back toward the opening area of Opportunity and finish the quest. You now have the final piece to make it through the barriers.