Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 84 – Lynchwood Sidequests: Animal Rescue: Shelter

Dukino has grown quite a bit since you found him all chained up. This time you need to follow Dukino has he heads for the Old Mine to find a new home. Head to the West to start. Deal with any bandits that hang around Lynchwood that may have respawned in the time you were doing these quests. When you get to the Lynchwood Station, follow Dukino to the South as he makes for the Old Mine that is by the elevator up to Death Row Refinery. He will turn to the left and head into the massive freight elevator. He will duck into a Rat Hole to the left of the elevator and soon be chased out by the Rats inside it. Time to clear it out for Dukino.

Head over to the button and take the elevator down to the level below. Once there start into the Rats that seem to have taken over the Mine. If you need cover, fight from the elevator itself and blast away at them. Otherwise, head out into the Mine and engage them head on. There are a lot of Rats so it does take quite some time. When you do finish you just need to head to Dukino to complete the quest and get your rewards.

Rewards: 7978 XP, $136, Blue Pistol/Blue Shield