Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 83 – Lynchwood Sidequests: Animal Rescue: Food

Looks like Dukino needs some more food. Scooter figures out something else to feed him: Skag Tongues. Time to head for the Grinders and kill some more Skags. Head up the nearby stairs and the conveyor belt to make it up to the Grinders. Kill whatever gets in your way in the mean time.

Time to start collecting Skag Tongues. To get one of the Skags in the search area to drop a tongue you need to shoot it in the mouth. Now it gets a little tricky to deal with both the Skag and its rider from the Sheriff's Posse. If you have some Corrosive-Type weaponry than it will get a lot easier as the acid will do most of the work for you. Kill each member of the Sheriff's Posse carefully to keep your time here minimal. Aside from that, watch out for the Rats that are in the area. Kill them as they pose a threat to you but otherwise try to leave them alone.

When you get all the tongues, turn around and head for Dukino. He is where you left him. Put them into the shelter as before. Dukino is about to grow again.

Reward: 5319 XP, $683