Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 80 – Lynchwood Sidequests: 3:10 to Kaboom

Once you have completed, “Break The Bank” this mission becomes available. Brick wants you to stop the shipments of Eridium from Lynchwood to Jack by destroying the train that the Sheriff uses. Now head for Death Row Refinery to the South of the Train Station that you enter Lynchwood from. Call the elevator down, deal with whatever tries to kill you in the meantime then take the elevator up to the Refinery. Once at the top, just head forward and a little to the right to find what you are looking for: The Demolition Depository. Push the button to release a bomb from it. Now simply turn to the East and head to the nearby marker. Throw that switch to stop the bomb from rolling off into the mine. Grab the bomb.

Turn to the South once again and start running. You will likely need to fight through a number Rats (less if you were just slaughtering them in the previous mission) and get to the old train tracks. Plant the bomb cart on these tracks. After that it is time to start running once again. This time toward the West. You have more Rats to deal with. Only kill those who really get in your way as you are on a time limit, generous as it maybe.

Fight your way to the West. You will notice a small raised platform in the area with some stairs leading up to it. Get onto that platform and look out over to the left toward the train tracks. Just watch what is happening now. When the Bomb Cart passes underneath the Eridium train, interact with the plunger to blast it away and stop the shipments for good.

Head back to the Bounty Board to turn this quest in and get the final one for this chain: “Showdown”. The Sheriff will be kind enough to explain some of Brick's actions after the fall of New Haven when you are running to the board.

Rewards: 5319 XP, $341, Green grenade Mod/Blue Grenade Mod