Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 82 – Lynchwood Sidequests: Animal Rescue: Medicine

Head to the Eastern end of Main Street in Lynchwood. If you have cleared out most of the bandits in the area then your life will be easier. Otherwise it is a work in progress. When you make it there you will find a small skag chained up on the Northern end of the Train tracks. Interact with it to start this quest. First, you need to break the chain. Either interact with the chain or use a melee attack to break it. Whatever is prompted. Scooter is now encouraging you to take care of the this little skag, Dukino.

The first item is to get this skag some puppy medicine. Head to the South and go up the stairs to nearby  the building. When you get to the top of the first set of stairs go to the left to climb the second. Use the nearby chest on the right to hop up onto the top of the roof. From there just jump straight across to the North to reach the puppy medicine. Grab it and bring it back to Dukino. It is not a long run and is very easy. Just put it down where it is marked and wait for him to eat it.

Now it is time to feed him 5 Skag Chews. Head out to Gunslinger's Corner where you will find the 5 chews. The first one is only a little ways in and just off the main road to the North. From there head over to the West, behind the building nearby the Sheriff's office. There you will find the second behind the buildings, on the cliffside in a corner. Head back to the main street through Gunslinger's Corner and start to the East. You will find the third piece of Skag Meat just off the street as you go to the East. The Fourth piece of skag meat is found just to the East of the third piece, on the Northern side of the road. The final piece of skag meat inside the mine to the East of Gunslinger's Corner. Head inside it and you will find the final piece none too far from your vending machines. Collect it and it is time to head back to Dukino. Drop the skag meat into the side of the shelter his has and then watch the blood fly.

Rewards: $765, 5719 XP