Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 81 – Lynchwood Sidequests: Showdown

Having completed the other 2 sidequests here it is time to finally deal with the Sheriff herself. Head to the North out of the train station past the bank and through the tunnel above it. Not much left to do aside from head to the Marker that is in the Northern part of town, Gunslinger's Corner and look for the Sheriff herself. If you are interested in the optional objective and have a favorite pistol, have it ready.

Once she greets you, your objectives will update. You will approach and notice there are a lot of Marshals above you and ready to provide a lot of cover and the Deputy, Winger. Approach the mass of Marshals and get ready for a fight. The Sheriff is presently above on a roof. Approaching will more often than not, lure her down to you. This makes the coming fight a lot easier.

Fighting the Sheriff
The Sheriff has a very sturdy shield and all her marshals. This puts you in a bad spot. . When you can punch through them she is still susceptible to elemental attacks. If at all possible, do not shoot the Deputy. If you got the Sheriff down on the ground, dash up and start unloading with your pistol.

If the Sheriff is still on top of her building then things get harder. If your pistol has a scope, there is hope yet. Aim for headshots and find some good cover toward the edge of Gunslinger Row. With the car hulks in the area it should not be too hard to deal with.

While “and Do Not Shoot the Deputy”starts checked, the moment you nick Winger it is over. The first one is harder unless you have a pistol that you are very familiar with or enjoy using. Just pull it out and keep using it on her

Rewards: 5319 XP, $1348 with Bonuses. Blue Relic