Should you declare yourself ready to meet the instructors, High Elder Cloudfall moves from his spot to begin introducing you.  He starts on the left, with Instructor Myang, who teaches the most practical fighting techniques.  The elder flatters her several times in the process of telling you about her defeat of a hundred hozen in one fight.  She demurres as best she can, but as it turns out, while the hozen were inexperienced, she was eight and a half.

Moving to the right, High Elder Cloudfall points out Master Stone Fist, who teaches sparring exercises, and once defeated nine hundred ninety-nine challengers straight.  When Stone Fist complains that his thousandth challenger cheated, Cloudfall leaps onto the Master’s table and punches him on the head, shouting about how he never cheats.

Cloudfall next introduces you to the last of the three, Instructor Xann, who has a near-perfect mastery of fighting form.  He asks the instructor how many strikes his students perform- and Xann replies that his students perform ten thousand each day.  On further prodding by Cloudfall, Xann smiles and admits that he performs one more practice strike each day, beyond that.

Admitting that he prefers not to be practicing, Cloudfall points out that he, luckily, does not need to go through basic training.  The High Elder then requests that you walk with him around the feasting grounds.  As you pass the first table, occupied by a mix of hozen and pandaren, Cloudfall indicates the aged panda who paces on the tabletop- this, he explains is Spirit Sage Gaoquan, the oldest member of the monastery.  Gaoquan, according to Cloudfall, takes celebrations very seriously, partly thanks to the sheer number he’s participated in.

As you move across the middle of the feasting grounds with the High Elder, he brings up the presence of both hozen and jinyu in the monastery- all are welcome so long as they desire to learn, he says.

Last of all, he indicates a brown panda passed out flat on his front.  This is Groundskeeper Wu.  This is also possibly the drunkest panda you’re ever going to encounter.  Wu barely wakes up enough to hear your name before going back to sleep.

Cloudfall explains that Wu will be asking you to do some of the chores around the monastery, things vital to its upkeep.  This, he says, is the responsibility of all present for the well-being of the monastery.  He demonstrates by picking up a full mug of ale that someone left sitting on the ground, surely a hefty chore.

Returning to the table, he declares you informed, and then points out that his cup is once more full, a demonstration of how it is good to be in charge.