He tells you that if you are interested, you should speak with him tonight at the banquet tables, then returns to his contemplation.

On returning to the front of the building, you are given a chance to talk to Lin again, and obtain a new quest.

Lin enthuses that she overheard, and that the High Elder wants you to train with them.  According to Lin there is a banquet planned, and you should bring a courtesy gift.  Her suggestion is that you obtain some of the oranges from the grove South of the temple- they are supposed to be especially sweet.  Eight should be enough.

The orange grove is located on the mountainside, and consists of a whole two trees.  While the oranges appear on the ground with high frequency, there are a number of little imps- Greenwood Thief- wandering around that for some reason have taken to grabbing and hurling the oranges off the cliffside.  Fortunately, the oranges are plentiful enough that you can collect the full eight with a little running around.  If you’re impatient, though, go ahead and kill off some of the thieves- not only will it give you more time to pick up the oranges off the ground, but many of the thieves are already carrying oranges you can take as well.

When you return with the oranges, Lin congratulates you on a job well done and says that she will be bringing beer, herself.

Li tells you that the banquet should be starting anytime now and you should go find the High Elder.  She promises to follow you to the tables.

Cloudfall can be found at one end of the banquet area behind a large curved table covered with food.  When you speak to him, he gives you a chance to wander around the feast and talk with the other pandaren (not that the others have much to say).  You are allowed two choices- to request to be introduced to the instructors, or to declare yourself ready and not in need of introduction.

If you opt to ignore the chance to meet the instructors, the High Elder questions you again, making sure you really want to skip this step.  If you do, you may proceed to the end of the quest, but there’s very little reason not to- the explanation has some amusing moments and gives you a bit of an idea why some of these pandas are here and why you might want to pay attention to them.