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Mists of Pandaria (Alliance)- Sound and Silence
By Nick M. Facer
Published on 12/18/2012
First a shouting match, then a quiet time in a monastery with much meditation going on.  Land of opposites, this is.

Lo is ecstatic that you have managed to get the agreement of the pandriarchs, and is sure that their blessing will allow him and Syra immense happiness.  Out of gratitude, he offers you a necklace that the two had brought to offer to the spirits, but failed to catch their ethereal eyes.

When you complete the quest, Toya pops up, guiding the elder Wanderbrew and Goldendraft.  The moment they appear, Lo requests Syra’s father for permission to marry her.  Peiji and Kai are both astonished and baffled, and consider the idea of their families marrying to be ludicrous- but Lo explains that his interest is in Syra, not in her family name.  Peiji objects, but Syra overrides her father’s refusal to be related to a Wanderbrew, explaining that Lo was willing to fight the pandriarchs, and you defeated them as the couple’s champion.

The two older pandaren are staggered that the pandriarchs agreed to the marriage, and while they are busy being shocked, Lo asks again.  Peiji Goldendraft dithers about it a little, but Kai grudgingly requests that Peiji accede- the blessing of the pandriarchs is not to be taken lightly.  Grumpily, Peiji allows it, but flat out states that he doesn’t like it, and he isn’t about to start considering Kai a friend.  Kai agrees, but insists the group head back to Dawn’s Blossom.

Toya stays behind a moment to gawk at you, and suggests that maybe for your next trick, you’d like to persuade the hozen and jinyu to ally with one another?

This leaves you with the Tian Monastery to get to, to the Northwest of the Shrine of the Dawn.

Lin Tenderpaw can be found atop the longest stairway leading up from the Clarion Bell at the center of the monastery.  She is waiting outside the building there, and when you speak to her she gushes about High Elder Cloudfall, who has agreed to take a new class- which she considers her ‘big chance’ to learn a combat style.  She goes on to say that it is odd for you to be here, and asks if you wish to study.  She considers your appearance to mean you are very strong, and suggests that you climb the tower to speak to the High Elder, so you can be accepted to the monastery.

Cloudfall waits on a balcony of the building, a bare-chested panda of great stature.  He welcomes you, and notes that you spoke with Lin, explaining that outsiders are a novelty here.  He requests that you do the monastery an honor by training alongside the young pandaren.  In return, he mourns that he can offer you little other than some knowledge and a chance to understand what it means to be pandaren.