Turning in the quests is a simple matter- the Inkmasters are grateful for your help, and you are given all the promised rewards and sent on your way.

Syra and Lo are your next stopping point, in the Shrine of the Dawn to the Northwest of the Arboretum.  They are sitting underneath a massive stone shrine Torii, or gate, and Lo looks a bit unsteady.

Syra, sitting beside him, begs your help- for Lo has been hurt badly.  When you speak to her further, she explains: Lo attempted to get permission to marry Syra from the pandriarchs, spirits of the ancient pandaren whose favor means much for all that they no longer live.  Unfortunately, nothing that the two brought to give as tribute impressed the ancients at all- and the spirits called for trial by single combat.  Lo, sadly, is not a fighter, and cannot take them on paw-to-paw.  Given this, Syra hopes that you will take Lo’s place as champion for the couple.

The pandriarchs can be found before the shrines of their families, waiting for your approach.  The nearest is Pandriarch Goldendraft, who laments and gripes that his family’s greatness as the foremost brewmasters is now taking back seat to the talents of the Stormstout family.

When you challenge him to battle, he shouts that the idea of his family and that of the Wanderbrews joining is ridiculous.  He is relatively easy to defeat, though, and on losing he compliments you and grants his blessing to Lo- but insists it should not be wasted.

Pandriarch Bramblestaff is practicing with, what else, a staff nearby to the East and touts the strength of his family.  On recieving your challenge, he cheers at the prospect of battle, and proposes to test your mettle.  He is marginally more difficult than Pandriarch Goldendraft, mostly because he strikes you with knockback every so often.  On his defeat, he chortles about enjoying the fight more than any he’s had in decades, and grants his blessing.

Pandriarch Windfur can be found to the Northwest.  When you arrive, he tells you that he is thankful that you saved one of his descendents from the Jade Witch.  Challenging him gets a little derision over your choice to champion the cause of a ‘street rat’, but he is willing to take you on.  By far the most annoying of the pandriarchs, he wields a pair of wind attacks- one of them sends you flying a great distance (more detriment to him than to many players), and the other turns you about, stunning you briefly and leaving you with your back to him.