Up the stairs in the nearby Drunken Hozen, Bolo and a couple of friends are having a few (dozen) mugs to wet their throats.  Bolo tells you that there was a strange pandaren who came through town recently- who told tales better than Pan, drank Lee under the table, and then beat him up while the panda’s niece was making fun of them.

Bolo, naturally, thinks this was.... amazing?!

According to Bolo, this mysterious pandaren said he was headed to the Valley of the Four Winds, and you ought to go meet him.  Preferably not with your face to his fist.

It’s time to head East to the Arboretum, in search of Lo Wanderbrew.

Inkmaster Wei, the recipient of your quest, is located on a small island in the middle of the Arboretum, along with his companions, Inkmaster Glenzu and Inkmaster Jo Po.

Wei responds to your arrival with a semi-enigmatic statement about the two brewchildren- they were here in fact, looking for a way to stay together, but nothing about the trees or art suggested anything to them.  The two, according to Wei, are not children at all, but grown pandaren being domineered over by their parents.  They are in love, and will not be denied by old family enmity.  Wei says that you can find both Syra and Lo at the Shrine of the Dawn, seeking guidance from their ancestors.

Meanwhile, the other two Inkmasters have tasks for you as well.  Glenzu is looking for the perfect color-specifically, a color possessed only by freshly fallen petals from the trees in the grove.  In order to create the kind of ink that he wants, he needs eight Freshly Fallen Petals to be collected, and he is hoping for your aid in this.

Jo Po, on the other hand, is in need of the perfect quills for fine lines- he has failed to keep up his brushes and they have become bristly and brittle.  The local giant wasps, however, have excellent stingers for quillcrafting, so he desires that you gather six such and bring them to him.  He is willing to give you a new set of pants in exchange, hardly a meagre payment.

The petals take the form of small red flowers littered about the ground in the Arboretum.  While their color is bright enough to be distinct from the surrounding terrain, not only they but also the ‘interaction’ sparkles they give off are small enough to be relatively easily missed, especially if you play from a relatively zoomed-out camera angle.

This still leaves the petals as the less frustrating of the two gather items, as World of Warcraft once more engages in the old tradition of many animals completely lacking important organs.  To go along with the pawless cats, headless gazelle, and twenty-pont buck that only have enough meat on them for a single steak, there are now wasps that inject venom into you despite lacking stingers.  At least, as a saving grace, the wasps aren’t terribly hard to deal with- their venom causes a slight increase in the damage you deal and receive, but the bugs themselves aren’t anything to write home about even with its effect on you.