The captured farmers can be found in small groups, usually of 2-3 farmers, each with a set of two mogu guarding them.  There are also regular ‘patrols’ of one or two mogu heading uphill to the ruins and then back down to the river, ferrying pandaren to their boats.  Thankfully, the mogu here are nothing special, considerably less durable and powerful than the ones you faced in the orchard.

Once you’ve freed enough slaves (or even before then, as there are more on the path and in the boats on the river), you can head down the dirt path to the west.  The trail does a bit of a switchback, but isn’t hard to follow, and leads to a riverbank where several rowboats wait with a few prisoners in them- and Subjugator Gormal, a special mob with a bit over a million health.  Startlingly, a look to the south leads you to spot a Horde sailing vessel....

Regardless, you’re here to slay the Subjugator first.

Gormal is horrendously durable, but thankfully not all that strong- aside from punching you for moderate damage, he periodically uses an attack called ‘subjugate’, which thankfully is a simple area strike against all his enemies nearby that causes a small knockback.  A few moments after you engage the mogu in combat, five farmers show up with Shao, and start helping you beat on the Subjugator.  The farmers regularly taunt him, and as a bonus to taking his attention, they cause him to take more damage as long as he’s focusing on them, making it easier to shred a hole in his health bar.

Once the subjugator is slain, Shao tells you to go meet him at the East end of the Gormali camp.

Shao can be found under the same fallen tree again.  In addition to his thanks, he also gives you a little information- the mogu, apparently, used to rule over Pandaria and the pandaren.  Shao is worried that the mogu banding together could threaten all of Pandaria once again.

With your work in the orchard done, you can once more return to Dawn’s Blossom.  You will find, once there, several more quests have opened up.

Noodlemaster Chin, who runs the noodle shop, is happy to see his food enjoyed.  If you happen to be interested in recipes, he is glad to guide you to his own teachers, in Halfhill Market, who taught him everything he knows about cooking.  In fact, he has a note he wants you to deliver to Sungshin Ironpaw if you happen by that way, as she was his favorite teacher and he wishes to let her know that he misses her.  In reward you will get a tiny bit of gold, but also an Ironpaw Token, which can be exchanged for recipes and cooking supplies in Halfhill Market.