Returning first to Shao, you get some minor congratulations, and his declaration that there’s more to do here before the orchard is actually saved.  Beyond that, the monk doesn’t seem to have anything to say.  This leaves you to head into the building and talk to Hanae.

She thanks you for retrieving the tools and what’s more, tells you that a survivor who arrived just shortly before you says the fires are beginning to die out.  While she feels it is inadequate reward for your efforts to save the orchard, she gives you a new set of gloves and a little pocket money.

While she has nothing else to offer you, one of the farmers in her house possesses your next quest, The Splintered Path.

He tells you that before they gave their war cries, the mogu broke their way through the trees, toppling a path to make it easier for them to return whence they came.  Apparently, the farmers who are being taken are dragged back that way, towards the ancient mogu ruins.  This is startling, as nothing has lived in those ruins for a long time, and the children from the orchard have been known to play there.  The sudden attack by the mogu is all the more puzzling in that light, and this gives you a lead on a way to stop the attack altogether- you hope.  The next step, of course, is to follow the path yourself and find the raiders’ camp.

The path of broken trees is incredibly obvious and, curiously, when you near the end, you find that Shao has preceded you here.  The monk is crouched under a felled tree, and waves you over to him.

According to Shao, this is more than just a spontaneous raid- the farmers are being tied up, inspected, and then hauled off in chains as slave labor.  He claims that the mogu value strength over anything else, and that they must be shipping off the strongest farmers to work, likely killing any others.  This leads to your next quest- rescue ten Captured Nectarbreeze Farmers.

He also has a secondary quest for you - Maul Gormal.  Shao tells you that the farmers you rescued are hiding nearby- and Hanae lubricated their anger with a little liquor.  This leaves you with a number of mad drunks at your back, looking for blood.  Shao wants you to follow the trail the mogu have left through the ruins to the beach, find their leader, and (with the support of the farmer militia) mutilate him beyond recognition.

Or just kill him and let the farmers do the rest.  Your choice, really.

As a side bonus, he’s also offering you a new trinket when you complete this quest.