Locating farmers to rescue and Gormali to fight is probably the easiest part of this quest-set.  The two groups are battling one another all over the place.  The Gormali here come in two main variations- Raiders, who use their fists and a firebomb attack in melee combat, and Incinerators, who actually do mostly the same thing, but with more firebolts and a dropped burning patch rather than a discrete fiery explosion.  These enemies are not only fairly high on health, they deal respectable damage- try to avoid attracting the attention of more than two at a time unless you’re a tank.

While slaying eight each of the two different kinds of Gormali isn’t difficult, per se, it does take a bit of time and effort- the large humanoids are fairly spread out, and their durability only extends the effort.  If you’re particularly lucky/unlucky (depending on how you view it) you may find yourself facing a rare version, Kor’nas Nightsavage.  This larger-than-large enemy drops pools of extremely damaging shadow every so often, and fights with a mixture of punches and shadowbolts- you’ll want to keep moving every time he starts to cast the spell that calls these pools into existence.  On the upside, he qualifies you for the ‘A Worthy Opponent’ achievement if you should encounter and slay him.

The farmers who are fighting off the shiisa-men are even easier to deal with- clear away whichever invader they were fighting and you can talk to them.  They seem generally to be worried about Hanae and Shao, but otherwise alright and can quickly be told to head to Hanae’s house.

More difficult are the farm tools.  Mostly in the form of variously-shaped rakes, these things are often made entirely of wood and lying flat on the ground.  Their presence underfoot in a fight is also frequent, so keep your eyes peeled for the ‘interactable item’ glitter floating into the air.  Thankfully there are only six of these needed for your quest, or searching them out could get to be almost painful.

Perhaps most difficult of the quests is your attempt to put out the fires in the orchard.  This is mostly obstructed by the requirements for using the cider- you must be within a relatively very short distance of the fire you’re trying to put out, and the fire is not automatically targetted- you have to face it dead on in order for the cider to work.  Just to make things more difficult, even a very minor obstruction of terrain or terrain features will block the shot, keeping you from putting out the fire.  As you can no doubt tell, the main difficulty here is the additional time you eat trying to line up your cider shots just right, although it doesn’t help that finding twelve fires to put out may force you into fighting even more Gormali than you were for the quest that requires you to kill them.