Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 79 – Lynchwood Sidequests: Breaking The Bank

Accept this quest from the Bounty Board in the Lynchwood Train Station. Brick wants you to break into the Lynchwood Bank and loot it for all it is worth. Head on out to Main Street and look over to the left. You will find the Bank before too long. Head around it to its back where the marker is. There is a glowing console that you can interact with. Do so and the door will not open.

Find the Laxative
Brick tells you to go find a laxative to get the skag bile that you are going to need to get into the bank. Just bear with what he asks. Now you need to get onto the roof of the next building over.  Look to the right of the bank and you will see a staircase that leads up to the top of the saloon. Fight your way up onto the roof of the saloon. From there just jump over to the top of the building next to the bank. Once on the roof look for the toilet in the center of it. Inside there you will find the laxative.

Get Explosives from Mad Dog
Head to the south from the building you are on. You want to head from there over to the Death Row Refinery. Fight through whatever you need to while waiting for the elevator that will take you up. Once up there turn to the right and start over to the East toward the search area. Deal with the Rats that block you as you head to the East and go up the ramp you will find along that side a ways into the Refinery.

When you make it to the top of the ramp just head for the center of the area. Mad Dog will leap out from behind you and start attacking. He acts more like a Psycho than a bomber so take advantage of that. Blast him away and deal with any addition enemies in the area. Collect the bomb that drops then head over the next marker, nearby a skag den. The Sheriff has a few words to say to this as well. Head to the Southeast to get out of this area quickly.

Place the Bomb
Head toward the Cemetery that sits behind the refinery. Fight your way through whatever of the Sheriff's Posse decides to come and reveal itself in the Grinders. Kill them off first then you need to plant the bomb nearby at the skag den. Once it is placed, coat it in the laxative and wait. If the skag does not show up, then you need to save, quit and reload. Once it eats the bomb, just follow it over to the nearby skag pile. Just smash it after it leaves to get your skag bomb.

Plant the Skag Bomb
Time to finally head back to the bank and plant the bomb by the back door. Back away, listen to the Sheriff and enjoy the boom. This is followed very shortly by you needing to fight through a few Nomads that have been made marshal's by the sheriff. You will also a have a Bruiser or two to contend with as well for the loot within the bank vault. Kill them all off then head into the vault. You can open up all the containers and use the mass pickup option to grab all the money in a hurry or you can just do it bit by bit.

Stash the Cash
When you have all the money Brick will pass on the location of where he wants you to hide it. Head to the Southeastern part of town and head underneath the conveyor belt. This is the first location, drop the money, bury it and run. Go up the belt and over to the right. This is a good spot to get some elevated fire on the Sheriff's posse. A short dash and you will be at the second drop to the right. Head over to the left and into the tunnel to find the third. Remember, to interact with the hole twice to plant and bury the money

Rewards: 5319 XP, 4 Eridium