Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 78 – Highlands Sidequest: Hyperion Contract #873

This is a tricky sidequest to pull off with the optional objectives. It requires a surprising level of precision and a lot of planning to pull off. Head out to Overlook and you will find on the Bounty Board this Hyperion Contract. Hyperion wants you to lower the bandit population and is willing to offer you a uniquely crafted weapon to do just that. Even if you do not complete the bonus objectives you will still get the nice sniper rifle, but you get double the money.

Getting started
Before the Contract has been accepted, check your inventory. It is a lot easier to work with what you have then counting on random drops. This quest shows up late in the game so Elemental Weaponry should not be a problem. Swap out anything that uses standard ordnance for something with an elemental chance. Even if the elemental chance does not manifest it will ensure that you get the elemental kill. It should not be hard to find weapons that have all 4 main elemental types:

Equip them all and check what type of damage your grenades do. Whatever type that is, keep in mind and use it only when you are working toward that type kill count. In ways, grenades make at least one section potentially easier.

Complete 100 with Bonus:
Head on over to Three Horns - Divide and begin the Slaughter of the Bandits. There is no real lacking in terms of things to kill. Just be sure you get around more on foot than with the Light Runner of the Bandit Technical. If you do use the cars, check what you are running over. It will still make your life a lot easier. The one main concern is the Damage Over Time effect all elements have. Here is where controlled fire is important.

To meet all bonuses every kill must be with an elemental weapon and in a category that is not completed. Just start with a single weapon and fight your way through a few groups. Watch your count. When it gets into the high teens, low 20's is when you want to be careful. As soon as one is maxed out, switch to the next weapon immediately. Just rinse and repeat this to have a slightly easier time of getting through this sidequest.

Indiscriminate 100
Say you just want to complete this quest and not worry about all the precision. Head to Lynchwood and go to town on everything there. They are all bandits and in the right level range to pose something of a threat. Try to complete this quest while you work on different ones found in the area.

Rewards: 5319 XP, $683 per Bonus completed, Blue Sniper Rifle