Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 77 – Sanctuary Sidequests, Part 8: The Bane

With “Once and Future Slab” completed head over to Moxxxi's from the Command Center. Just outside the bar you will find a corpse with an ECHO Recorder laying at its feet. Go at it to trigger this sidequest out in the Dust. The Recording tells you that you need to head over to Marcus and see what he knows about “The Bane”. He explains that it is a great gun but it seems to be cursed. He recently sold it to a Bandit named Horace. Time to head out to the Dust and see what can be learned about this fellow.

The Dust – Horace
Once you arrive, head around Ellie's Garage and back into Bug Gulch. Fight your way through the Spiderants to the first bend to the North. This time stay on the lower path. After you get through the few waves of Spiderants just head to the ECHO Recorder that is sitting beneath the Spiderant Nest to the North. It appears that McNally has taken the Bane.

The Dust – McNally
Head back to Ellie's Garage and grab a vehicle. It is time to head to the Southwest from Ellie's Garage. You will find a small hut in the ravine back there that is just below the Hodunk Speedway. You will find McNally without much trouble as he will emerge from his house and start to walk around. Kill him to get his ECHO Recorder and learn what McNally did with the Bane.

Lynchwood – Gar
Get back into your car and head to the Railway station in the Western portion of the Dust. Load up on Ammo and get ready. Head up and out of the train station onto Main Street. Start fighting your way over to the North, going left out of the station. You have a lot of Marauders and Armored Foes to deal with just getting past the Bank. Head under or around the Bank and continue to the North through the tunnel that is in front of you.

On the other side of the tunnel you have even more marauders waiting for you. Just start fighting through them and keep pressing to the North. There is no lacking of things to kill. Fight your way all the way over to the next cave. In there, a short ways from the Gun Vending Machine you will find another Elevator. Head over to it and use it to ascend. Once you are at the top of the shaft head over to the East and into the next area. Most killing needs to happen as you press on toward the next ECHO with a hint to the Bane's Location. It apparently now rests in the Cemetery. A little more searching is needed to get this weapon.

Lynchwood – Cemetery
Things are not about to get any easier. Now you need to fight your way to the far Southern portion of Lynchwood. Head to the West and jump from the ledge to quickly drop back down to Main Street. Now turn to the South and start running. Get back through the cave and to Main Street. When you make it to the Southeastern area of Main Street you will need to take the stairs up. Here you will begin to encounter Rats. Just deal with them as you normally would and work your way through the area. Once you have dealt with the Rats head up the conveyor belt on the Eastern side. This leads you to even more Rats to kill and Armored Skag Riders as you press on to toward the Cemetery. Be careful of the crushers that become more common as you close in on the cemetery. They can kill you instantly, but they can also be used on your enemies to make life a lot easier. When you make to the cemetery, there is only one grave. Loot it and the quest is over so claim your cursed loot.

Rewards: 5319 XP, The Bane