Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 76 – Once and Future Slab: Saving the Slabs

When things look like they are going to go over very calmly, Jack reveals he is bombarding the compound with Mortars. Pull out a Corrosive-Type weapon and set into the nearby Loaders. Once the first wave of loaders are going then you need to follow Brick back across Broke Face Bridge and over to the East. Just run to keep up with him.

On the opposite side of the bridge you have a WAR Loader drop right in front of you. Between you and Brick is should be no problem. Now you will need to start paying attention. There will be Red Targeting circles on the ground. Be sure to cut around them else the mortar shell will hit you. Depending on where you are, it could kill you.

Mortar Beacon 1
Brick will get to the first beacon before too long. Save your ammo and wait for him to rage and smash the shield with a single blow. After that it is time to start opening fire to destroy that  beacon. Only a few more to go now.

When the first beacon goes down, Jack will send in 2 waves of GUN Loaders. Thankfully they are nothing to bad to deal with with Brick's help.

Mortar Beacon 2
Head to the South from the first beacon, crossing over the covered bridge. You will be in Slab Town now. Just chase after Brick and once again pay attention to the various targeting circles that are around. In Slab Town, unless you used a lot of the barrels, they will become something of a hazard as well to deal with. The Mortars can and will explode any remaining barrels. Once again Brick will lead the way to the beacon. From there he will smash the shield. When he does, you unload onto the beacon to destroy it.

With the second beacon destroyed, another wave of Loaders will appear. You get a small mix of GUN and WAR Loaders this time. Destroy them all then head to the West with Brick.

Mortar Beacon 3
Time to deal with the final beacon. Head toward the entrance of Slab Town. It is not a long run to make to the next Beacon. Brick will take down the shield then it is your job to deal with the rest of it.

When that beacon goes down then Jack will send a Badass Loader against you two. Just deal with it as you have the others. Corrosive-Type weaponry will ensure a short fight.

With that Loader down start following Brick again. He will lead you out of Slab Town, toward the Fast Travel Station. He explains that his Slabs will still be trying to kill you and that they are idiots. Just keep killing them for their stupidity. Head back to Sanctuary and turn in the quest to move onto the next one.