Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 75 – Once and Future Slab: Getting to the Slab King

With a quick visit to Claptrap you can upgrade him and he will gain the ability to turn Invisible. An interesting twist. He also wants a High Five but you leave him hanging. Head back to the Command Center and talk with Roland upstairs to continue on with the storyline. He will give you a note to bring to Thousand Cuts to give to The Slab King, a former Crimson Raider. Time to start into a new area then. Head out to The Highlands, going to the Hyperion Bridge. From there you just have a short run West to make it over to the entry point to Thousand Cuts.

Once through to Thousand Cuts then head over to the West. You have a nice bandit camp to fight your way through. Once you wipe out the first group to the West, turn to the North and start paying attention to those Marauders and the one Bruiser. After that just keep going to the North. When you cross over into the next area you have a few Caustic Goliaths to worry about in addition to Muscles, Bruisers and Shotgun Midgets. Kill them all and fight your way over to the West.

As you approach Broke Face Bridge Roland will contact you and explain that to talk to the Slab King you need to join his gang. This means getting through their initiation. This does not make things any easier. It means you need to kill your way in.

Once on the bridge you will be attacked by a few Goliaths and at least a pair of Buzzards. Now fight your way over to the West and deal with the Slabs that are coming at you. Deal with the remaining enemies then approach the marker to the North. As you close the doors, look to your left to find the stairs up. Take those all the way up. This will lead you to the entrance of the Buzzard Factory. Reload and restock on ammo as best you can using the surrounding area then drop down into the Factory.

Inside the factory you need to get through the real initiation. This means fighting close to 20 different bandits, at least. Feel free to sue the Goliaths to your advantage to kill off a surprising number of the other bandits. Just watch out as they do level up and getting harder to kill each time. In the mean time, just move, take advantage of the numerous hazards strewn throughout the room. If a group of bandits approaches any of the barrels, blast it to take care of them.

When you have made it through the rest of the fight then the Slab King will reveal himself to be Brick. He will congratulate you and put out his hand. Give him the note from Roland to move things forward.