Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 74 – Thousand Cuts Sidequests: Poetic License, Shoot This Guy In The Face

Scooter will have a sidequest for you after you complete “Wildlife Preservation”. He wants you to head to Thousand Cuts and take some pictures for him so he can write a poem to woo this girl named Daisy. Turn to the left and grab the camera that is nearby so Scooter can get his photos. He will also ask you to track down another Girly magazine while you are there.

Once inside Thousands Cuts start to the West then turn to the North when you can. You will find yourself in a bandit camp. Take out the few Bandits to the West then turn to the North and start for the first of the inspirational sites that Scooter wants you to go to. This will lead you straight to the nudie magazines. Grab them then get back to fighting the nearby bandits.

Location 1
Now head to the Northwest of where you found the nudie magazine. There you will find a bridge across a gap. Cross it and go straight ahead. A Psycho will attack you, kill him. Now look for the glowing bandit with the noose on his neck. Snap a photo of this and Scooter will be very happy.

Location 2
Head to the South now from the tombstone. Head to the Southern edge of town then start over to the West through the gate and across the bridge. This will lead you to Bloody Knuckle Point whee the next scene that Scooter wants you to photograph is. Once across the bridge head up the ramp to the right and take a photograph of the Marauder in the embrace of a Loader.

Location 3
Head to the South from the Marauder being spooned by the Loader. It is there, in No Man's Land, you will find the final image that Scooter wants. Just head over to the flower and snap a photo of it.

With all those things completed it is time to head back to Sanctuary so Scooter can give you the poem. He does not want you to read it through it is very likely you will still hear it anyway. Time to go give it to Daisy. You will find her nearby Moxxxi's. Wait for her reaction then head back to Scooter to collect your reward.

Rewards: 1929 XP, $868(With Optional Objective), Green Assault Rifle/Green Sniper Rifle

Shoot This Guy In The Face

Head across the Broke Face Bridge. Turn to the left after that, kill off anyone who gets in your way and look for Facey McShooty. This fellow has a very simply objective, to get shot in the face. Take a little time just to listen to his rant. It is something else and he is very determined to get shot in the face. Just switch to whatever gun you want, aim at his face and blast it clean off. There will never be an easier mission or sidequest than this one.

Rewards: $2428, 386XP