Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 73 – Dust Sidequests: Rakkaholics Anonymous

Mordecai wants you to head into the Dust and intercept a Hodunk shipment so he can get some kegs o' beer. This becomes available after completing Wildlife Preservation. Once you accept the mission head on out to the Dust where you will be able to track down your target and start blasting it.

As you arrive in Ellie's Garage turn around and pull out a Bandit Technical. Go for the Catapult variant just to make the coming parts easier. Once you get out onto the Dust you will find the Moonshiner truck is driving around it in a massive Clockwise circle. You can either stake out a spot along the course (ex. By Ellie's) and wait for it or just go chasing after it.

Once you start the chase, begin to lob the explosive barrels at the Moonshiner. For each roundabout hit you will be rewarded with a dropped keg of booze. After you collect a few you will be contacted by Moxxi who comments on that Mordecai is doing exactly what he did when she left him for Handsome Jack. She will offer her pistol, “Rubi” in exchange for all the booze that Mordecai is after. Mordecai is furious because he found that pistol for her.

Complete collecting the kegs of booze then it is time for you make your choice. Below you will find a description giving the basics of each of the unique weapons you are rewarded with for this mission.

Rewards: 3527 XP, Blue Sniper Rifle (Mordecai)/Blue Pistol (Moxxi)

Mordecai: Sloth
Reduced Bullet Speed, Increased Damage, Mordecai will be in contact while it is equipped

Moxxi: Rubi
Can have chance of restoring 12% damage per hit. Usually has a high elemental chance