Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 72 – Wildlife Preservation Sidequests: Animal Rights

Mordecai wants you to get some revenge on Hyperion for the things that they did to Bloodwing. Start by going to the Dockyards in the Preserve. This will lead you to where you can free the first group of animals: Stalkers. Be sure that you have cleared the area before you loose the Stalkers as it will make your life a lot easier not having to watch the Stalkers while keeping an eye out for all the Loaders that like to run around here. Take a little extra time to go around in the area to make sure you have killed off all of the robots that you can. You have the optional objective of keeping 7 animals alive to earn the bpnus for this mission. By killing off the Loaders you make it that much easier.

Freeing the Stalkers
Head to the generator that is flashing. Interacting with it to release the Stalkers but also a dozen Stalker Handlers. You want to kill the Handlers before they can do much to the Stalkers themselves. These Stalkers are also unique in that they sense you are on their side and will not attack you. Now you need to run around and fight the Stalker handlers. While a Corrosive-Type weapon is handy, Fire-Type will tear through the Handlers a lot faster as they generally are not armored. Take advantage of this. The stalkers you freed will run after the fight so they just need to survive it

With the Stalkers liberated you need to continue on through the Preserve until you reach the second building within the Skag enclosure out to the East.

Freeing the Skags
Obnce you make it the far Eastern part of the Preserve you will find the controls to free the skags. Once again, they will be on your side but be sure to clear the area of enemies before hand. It only takes a little time with the Skags' help to clear out the guards. If most of the Stalkers and most of the Skags survived you will have cleared the optional objective at this point.

Head to the North then West toward the Specimen Containment Center. Get through the next Stalker field with the Loaders and head into Containment. Pass through it and into the Reception Area to the West. Turn to the South from there and head into the Warehouse behind it.

Freeing the Badass Stalker
Head into the small control room around the first corner. There you will find the control panel to free the final animal. This thing is great to have on your side. Never mind that all the Handlers are also Badass, a good Fire-Type weapon will make sure that this is a quick fight and that it goes down in your favor.

Mordecai will contact you to let you know that he has asked you to do enough for now. Head back to Sanctuary to collect your reward from him.

Rewards: $217, 1929 XP, Green Assault Rifle/Green Sniper Rifle