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Mists of Pandaria (Alliance)- Mogu, Shiisa, What’s the Difference?
By Nick M. Facer
Published on 12/16/2012
Huge creatures with statuary heads are on the march!  Not really what you expected to see, most likely.  Kind of cool, though.

If you head up the hill, you can find a Nectarbreeze building, guarded by Shao the Defiant- just the panda Misteye sent you to find.

Shao tells you that the mogu- which apparently is what the attackers are- struck out of nowhere- any pandas they aren’t killing, they’re dragging off for whatever reason.  This hut is the only place that’s safe, and Shao has his fists full protecting the door- so he asks that you help him defend the farmers by killing 8 Gormali Raiders and 8 Gormali Incinerators.

He also wants you to rally the people of the village- while they are farmers and not warriors, they are defending their homes to the best of their abilities.  To that end, he wants you to find anyone still up and fighting and tell them to rally at Hanae’s place, which is here.  Specifically, you are to find 5 Nectarbreeze Farmers and send them to the safehouse after slaying any mogu that are keeping them tied up.

Speaking of the house and Hanae, Gentle Mother Hanae is present, pacing inside her house, wondering what is happening- and Shao keeps telling her to jus tstay in the house, as if there’s anything she needs to do, it’s tend to the survivors.  Hanae has a couple of quests for you as well, since you’re the first person to come into the house who’s neither in shock, hurt, or all of the above.

Her first quest is to put out fires.  Since the pandaren here have been tending the orchards for a long time now, they’ve learned a special trick for putting out fires- namely, mixing their cider with saliva.  Apparently doing so makes it viscous and thick, and very effective at smothering flames out of their needed air.  She hands you a jug, and asks that you swig-and-spit to put out twelve of the fires around the orchard.  There’s even a pair of new gloves in it for you, something you haven’t gotten a chance at yet.

Secondly, while the farmers aren’t weaponmasters, they are familiar with the tools of their own trade, and can use them with startling proficiency.  She supposes this might be enough to let the farmers fend off the mogu.  With that in mind, she wants you to recover 6 Orchard Tools from where they are scattered about the orchard, and bring them back to arm the defending farmers with.

Despite that Gormali mogu are periodically approaching the house, and pandaren farmers as well, you’re going to need to do a bit of wandering about the orchard to fill the requirements of the quests you’ve got now- a full five quests in the same area, which is more at once than you’ve had yet in Pandaria.