Dealing with the Jade Witch leaves you with one quest to the South, right near Paw’don Village, and one to the North at the Jian Monastery.  Still, Dawn’s Blossom is closer, and includes a Flight Master who can send you to Paw’don, so it’s time to return to town and turn in some quests.

The first you can find is Tzu the Ironbelly, who tells you that you are noble- and remind him of himself when he was younger.  And if he wasn’t as handsome.

Lo Wanderbrew waits nearby, and when you bring him the silk, he thanks you and hopes it didn’t stick to you like it did to him, saying he’s off to bring it to Syra immediately.

When he runs off, Kai Wanderbrew shouts after him, telling his son that they are leaving- but Lo ignores his father.  This prompts Kai to offer a quest- and to complain that he saw Sya Goldendraft ‘giving my boy “the looks.”’, whatever that means.  The quest is, of course, to go find the boy.  Kai asks you if you’ve seen Lo, and tells you that his son was nearby just a moment ago and should know that the two were to leave today.

Kai is sure that Lo is off trying to woo Syra Goldendraft, and it’s because of that that the two need to leave- there’s no way he’s going to tolerate his son running off with (gasp) a brewer from another family!  While he searches nearby, he’d like you to check the Arboretum, where he’s seen them trying to get off to before.  In order to do this, you’ll need to speak to Inkmaster Wei.

An, meanwhile, has likely wandered past you several times, so you should take the chance to speak to her while she’s within reach.  The cub, accompanied by her friend Shin, thanks you greatly for rescuing Shin- though best of all is that their parents were never told what the cubs were getting up to.  She says that everyone who came back is trying to get rid of all the jade they can, and Toya was collecting it for some reason- so you should go talk to Toya, since he was looking for you.

She also gives you a Jade Raccoon, a trinket which grants you a hefty dose of Mastery, and lets you summon a raccoon to accompany you.

Before picking up on any of these new quests, though, you should talk to Keg Runner Lee and head South to Paw’don Village.  From there, head North and slightly West- you’ll see giant moths and some kind of elk, and soon the cherry-blossom trees should come into view.  Several of the trees here are, alarmingly, on fire, and the pandaren workers are fighting off ‘Gormali Raider’s, who seem to be massive humanoid lion-dogs.