The Silkwood should be your first stop.  Just Southwest of Dawn’s Blossom, it’s fairly easy to spot the area where you can collect silk and kill spiders.  The silk is collected from ‘Silk Patch’ objects, which appear much like spider eggs, but do not twitch.  Each one gives you one Pristine Silk Strand, so it shouldn’t be difficult to collect the 8 you need.  Be aware that some of them release hatchling spiders, which cling to you and deal minor damage over time.

The Silkwood Stalker spiders are hardly any worse- while they are heavy on damage and light on durability like most spiders, they don’t do any tricks with webs- the only thing they really use as a special effect is ‘Hungry Spiderlings’, which creates a number of tiny spiders on you that chew at you for minor physical damage over time.  This serves little effect other than aggravatingly extending casting times for Priests, Warlocks, Mages, and some Shaman and Paladins.

The next nearest thing to handle is the Double Hozen Dare- the hut of the Jade Witch is almost due West of the Silkwood, so head on down the slope there.  It matters little whether you go by the road or off of it- you’ll get there one way or another.  When you arrive at the Forest Heart, it turns out that little An Windfur has come here before you, and she has an additional quest for you to pick up.  You can ask her what happened first, of course, to which she explains:

The kids (not her, of course) dared Shin to knock on the door of the Jade Witch.  He was refusing, but someone hozen dared him.  Shin backed out of that as well, but then someone (not her) double hozen dared him and nobody -ever- gets out of a double hozen dare.  Shin knocked on the door, but jade monsters came and drove off the other children before they could see what happened.  And now she really thinks she should never have dared Shin. (Cough.)

The added quest she gives is called ‘Down Kitty!’  Apparently, she tried to fight one of the jade tigers- but was too scared, and is sure that the jade tigers can turn people into jade statues by staring at them (Her friend Chen’s sister’s friend Ne heard it from Kai’s mom).  She wants to be brave, but she wants some guidance, so she hopes you’ll show her how to beat up the jade tigers- eight of them, specifically.  She offers to give you a ring to pay you back, as well.