The Drunken Hozen  is also your chance to bind your soulstone to Dawn’s Blossom, and pick up some basic level 85 or 90 foods and drinks, should you want to do any of that.

With the three pandaren talked to, you can take another right turn and head down some stairs to go see Toya again.  He approves of your work wandering around, and tells you that he’s going to keep looking for jade- and again suggests that you look around for those who may need a hand.  This prompts three nearby quests to suddenly show up.

The nearest belongs to An Windfur, a pandaren cub who tells you that there is a witch in the woods- but nobody will believe her when she says so.  She claims her friend, Shin, was turned into jade.  She and her friends attempted to run home, frightened, but some kind of jade monster chased them, and a number of her friends are now stuck in trees, cornered by the walking jade.  She wants you to help by rescuing 6 Scared Pandaren Cubs.

Tzu the Ironbelly, a nearby retired monk, holds another quest.  He tells you that to the West is the Silkwood Road.  The spiders there, however, have become evil and gluttonous, rendering the forest around it dangerous.  He would go do something about it but is far more interested in making sure the noodle shop is safe.  And supplying good noodles.  And broth.  And to do that he will have to sample -every- batch.  And the bean buns.

He offers to tell you stories if you’ll go kill 8 spiders, and maybe pay you.  Oh, and he has this armor he doesn’t use, you can have that.  It’s just a little broth-stained, comes right out in the wash...

Third, Lo Wanderbrew is lingering near the pond, and he wants help as well.  According to him, Syra Goldendraft was looking for silk- he doesn’t care to touch the stuff, as it sticks to his fur, but he’s -very- interested in impressing the lady.  If you can bring him 7 Pristine Silk Strands, he will gladly pay for them.

One last quest waits for you at the East end of town, where the cliff overlooks a huge valley full of cherry-blossom trees.  On the cliff by a small bonsai, Apprentice Yufi is training.  When you speak to her, she tells you that people come from all over Pandaria to train at the monastery to the north, since they accept all students, no matter what.  Her friend, Lin, joined a few weeks ago, and Yufi suggests you go talk to her to learn how the monks train.

This quest is in a completely different direction, so you’ll want to go complete it later, but there’s no reason not to pick it up now.