Toya is the first to present you with a quest.

Toya explains that with Cho off on an adventure and in need of a lot of jade, he’s going to have to call in some favors.  Meanwhile, you can introduce yourself to the locals.  Specifically, Toya recommends that you meet Kai Wanderbrew, Master Windfur, and in the inn you should meet Peiji Goldendraft.  Supposedly, knowing these three will give you a good handle on the way things go in Dawn’s Blossom.

Kai Wanderbrew, thankfully, is right there behind you with his barrel of drink.  He introduces himself as ‘Brewmaster Wanderbrew’, and explains- he travels the Jade Forest in search of the best ingredients for his brews.... which apparently is different from the Goldendrafts who live in Dawn’s Blossom- while he is an artisan, the Goldendrafts mass produce spirits which, he supposes, is ‘fine... if you enjoy drinking swill’.

None of the others you were recommended to see are nearby, so you may as well head to the Northeast up the hill, where a quest is waiting.

This quest is held by Old Man Misteye- a pandaren meditating on a cliffside.  The old man explains that while his sight is long gone, he can sometimes smell the blossoms of the Nectarbreeze Orchard as well as if he were in it, should the wind be right.  Today, though, he is worried: the smell is mixed with that of smoke, and he wants you to help him if you can- by checking on the orchard and making sure everything is well.  The orchard, he says, can be found Southwest, past the Statue of the Jade Serpent.

While talking to Misteye, you may notice that another speech bubble is showing up on your minimap, to the North of you.  Heading that direction takes you further uphill to the ‘town hall’ of the town, where you can find Master Windfur, the Mayor of Dawn’s Blossom.  Master Windfur greets you neutrally, acknowledging you as the one who brought the jinyu to stand against the hozen, a mark of courage not seen in some time, and welcomes you to the town.

This leaves you in an excellent position to talk to the third pandaren you were told to seek- leaving the town hall and turning right, you have a straight shot across several bridges to The Drunken Hozen, the inn and brewery run by the Goldendraft family.  Here, Peiji Goldendraft is manning (panda-ing?) the front counter.  He notes that you are the stranger Cho was talking of, and welcomes you to Dawn’s Blossom.  According to his claim, his family makes the finest brews in Pandaria, unlike the Wanderbrews who meander aimlessly and supposedly are ruining the good name of brewmasters in general.  He goes on to say that he noticed ‘the young one’ having a look at his daughter, which he does not approve of on principle of Goldendrafts not being Wanderbrews.