Once the prince is gone, Amber chastizes the bewildered dwarf for letting Anduin get away, then explains that Sully was under a Mind Control spell.  Startled, the stout agent is dismayed to learn that he’s going to have to explain this to the Admiral, and exclaims his surprise that Anduin was both willing and able to pull a stunt like that.

He and Amber head off as well, leaving you to make your way back to Glassfin Village on your own.

When you return to the Admiral, he is completely dumbfounded, and declares it’s a good thing he’s not the one that found the prince, as he may just kill the boy for pulling that stunt.  Taylor declares his actions, seeking after the Vale, unfit for a prince and goes on to say that if there weren’t more pressing matters at hand he’d send the whole fleet after Anduin.

With the quest turned in, Taylor acknowledges that at least Anduin is well and that much is a good thing.  In the meantime, Elder Lusshan has been asking for you, so you will need to go speak to the old fish.

Lusshan is back in his temple up the small hill, and when you inqire, he tells you that Lorewalker Cho stopped by the village, asking for you while you were out finding (and losing) the prince.  Apparently, you are needed urgently for something unknown in a village to the north, called Dawn’s Blossom.  You are to speak to Kitemaster Ut-Nam, the Flight Master jinyu, and get a ride to the pandaren village.

When you request to be sent by Ut-Nam, you are launched on a gigantic kite that resembles a cross between an arrowhead and a bird.  You will fly over the Den of Sorrow, the Heart of the Serpent (whose main statue looks curiously similar to the shape you trimmed the Lorewalker’s tree into), and both the Jade and Silken Forests, landing before Keg Runner Lee, the Flight Master of Dawn’s Blossom.

Lorewalker Cho is easily located- he is mere meters away behind you, surrounded by several pandaren cubs and one grown pandaren named Toya.  When you approach, the cubs move to surround you, exclaiming over your presence.  Cho explains that what you have done has reminded him of a prophecy he once heard, and he wishes to investigate.  In order to do so, though, he requires jade.  Toya is the pandaren he has requested to gather the jade, which is to be given to you so that you can bring it to Cho, and the two of you can set about deciphering the prophecy- the ‘Emperor’s Omen’.

While he’s gathering the jade, though, you have nothing to do- so Cho suggests that you wander around town and explore.  Supposedly, the pandaren here are in need of someone like you.

Cho recommends again that you explore the village to learn about the Pandaren, and perhaps help a few of them- and then he gets on a kite and rides away.