With your meditation done and you supposedly ready, Cho asks you to pay attention as the dream brew takes effect, and think of who you seek- allowing your consciousness to travel both time and space to locate them.  The camera moves away from you, to the North, until it focuses on Anduin, who is fleeing from a pair of hozen.  He arrives at a cliffside, and is cut off by two more hozen.  He swears by his name and station that he will survive, smiting one of the monkeys with what looks like a priest spell and then inciting fear in the other three so that he can escape.

Again, the camera changes viewpoints, and you get to watch as a pair of meditating pandaren, one male and one female, sit on a fenced ledge.  Anduin arrives up a slope to one end of the ledge, casts a shield on himself, then backs away from the following monkeys.  As the hozen arrive, though, the male pandaren sends one back down the slope with a jumping kick and then, the vision fades.

As you return to yourself, Cho notes that you seem to be feeling a sense of urgency and resolve, and draws the conclusion that you have determined what to do next.

Now that you have an idea where to go, you must head to the Den of Sorrow to the Northwest, near the coast of the jungle.  This involves crossing the Pearlfin Village, which may provide you with a convenient opportunity to sell off items and restock.

While reaching the Den of Sorrow isn’t too difficult, you’ll want to slow down a touch as you enter it- the raised set of ledges and paths is littered with Tortured Spirits, ghostly aggressive mobs that will seek to reach out and hurt you.  Thankfully, they aren’t terribly powerful, just don’t try to ignore them as they chew on your health.

You will arrive at the ledge where you saw Anduin in your vision- and he is still there!  He is accompanied by Lina and Ren Whitepaw, the two pandaren you saw in the vision as well.  Lina greets you as a friend since you are a friend of Anduin, without whom she claims her father would not be here.  Ren, her father, is tossing and turning on his bedroll feverishly.

Talking to Anduin gets the start of an explanation- he says that what you saw in your vision is exactly what happened to him several days ago, and he and the two pandaren have been laying low since.  Additionally, he gives you a useful ring for your troubles.

Anduin explains that while he is grateful for you coming to rescue him, he is more concerned about Ren.  In facing down the monkeys, the aging panda risked his life to save the young stranger- and Anduin wishes to do something to help the now-ill old warrior.  The prince tells you that Ren spoke of healing waters of some sort to be found in the cave downhill of where you have met him, and requests your help collecting the waters to try and aid the pandaren.