With the needed ingredients collected, it’s time to return to Cho.  He is happily surprised at your delivering the Mist Horror Heart, particularly pleased with its quality.  He also notes that you’ve collected just the right wings for the brew, and notes that you seem to have a lot of potential.

With the ingredients gathered, he watches you, and you are given the chance to ask four questions.

If you ask him who and what he is, he tells you that the answer shall come when you are ready, and no sooner.

Should you inquire as to what Pandaria is, and why it’s been hidden for so long, he replies that you should listen to the silence, and asks you what it says.

Asking how you can help the jinyu win against the hozen, Cho will reply that if he were to give you your answer, he would be denying you the learning that you should gain.

Finally, when you ask him if he can help you to find the White Pawn, he tells you that your question only begins to prepare you for the answer.

Talk to Cho again to receive your next quest- Finding your Center.

Cho tells you that the dream brew is complete- but this time, when you drink, you are going to have to be in a state of focus and contemplation to really understand the visions.  You are to go with him to his pagoda and learn from him how to accomplish inner calm.

He tells you that many distractions will come from your own mind, but you must stay centered.  As a reward for this quest, in addition to getting closer to finding Anduin, you will receive a new ring.

Cho asks you if you’ve got what you need, and then heads for his shrine.  He tells you again that you will need to reach a state of inner harmony to get the answers you want from the dream.  Setting a dish of his dream brew on the bench before the shrine, he bids you drink so that you may begin.

When you interact with the brew, you are then moved to the center of the semicircle of candles, where you sit to meditate.  Your interface is replaced with something like the vehicle hotbars, but it has only two buttons- a left and a right, corresponding to the 1 and 2 keys.  Just above there is a small meter with a jade circle in the center and golden filigree to either side.  Your task is to press the left or right arrows to keep the vertical gleam in or as close to the jade circle as possible.

Cho continues talking to you as you meditate, hilighting the importance of remaining focused while relaxing.  This is the center he has been talking about- and as you meditate, he starts striking at you with a frying pan, testing your ability to ignore distraction- don’t worry about it, it won’t do anything to you.  Complimenting you on your job, he makes a final attempt by conjuring a massive gong and ringing it once.  When this fails to disrupt your meditation, he explains that negative emotions have power in Pandaria- one that you will realize the nature of soon enough.