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Skyrim Dragonborn: Dragon Aspect Shout All Three Words
By chronodev (Ron)
Published on 12/15/2012
A Guide telling you how to get all three words of the shout Dragon Aspect (which also awards you with an achievement)

This strategy guide shows you how to get all three dragon words from the shout: Dragon Aspect

You can do these in any order, however it is recommended you follow the order suggested below:

1) First Word of Dragon Aspect Shout
The first word of the Dragon Aspect shout is located in the Temple of Miraak, inside the Temple Sanctum. See map below on how to get to the Temple of Miraak from the Earth Stone Shrine or Raven Rock:

Road from Earth Stone to Temple of Miraak

You get there very early in the story, at the end of the mission called "Dragonborn". There you meet Frea, and she will lead you deep into the Temple of Miraak Sanctum where the shout is. The shout is located in a big room that has a dragon skeleton statue mounted on the wall.


2) Second Word of Power Dragon Aspect Shout

This is in the Raven Rock Mine. From the docks go out towards those big stairs in front of you, but don't climb the stairs, rather go left and climb up the road to arrive at the Raven Rock Mine Entrance. When you enter, go down a bit and you will run into Crescius Caerellius. He gives you a mission to find his Great Grandfather's Journal. This mission will lead you to where the 2nd word of the shout is. You will need to use the sword that shoot waves which you will pick up, to open the door by doing a power attack to shoot a wave to the red lines on the door edge and then a vertical swing on the door central seam. You will then fight a Dragon Priest called Zahkiisos, and the second word is in the final chamber where also the Black Book is.


3) Third Word of Power Dragon Aspect Shout

The last shout word of Dragon Aspect is located in Apocrypha.  Just follow the story and you will eventually get a Black Book called "Waking Dreams". You will have to read the black book "Waking Dreams" to travel to the area, then place the black books in order  (match the pictures on the pedestals with the name of the book) on the pedestals, then the center structure will glow green. Read Chapter VI to finally arrive at the place where the Dragon Shout is.


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