Your tasks are to trim his tree, paint his house, and feed his birds.

The Lorewalker requests that you walk with him- stepping away from his house and off to the right, he approaches an overgrown tree that resembles nothing so much as a shrub stretched out vertically- and hands you a pair of shears.  This leaves you to trim the tree by interacting with it.  The Lorewalker is quietly enouraging, and mentions that some people will try to force a plant into the shape they desire- but this risks killing the whole plant, and that is not how Pandaren do it.  Once you have finished, he compliments the swirling shape of the foliage about the several trunks, pointing out that this shows him how the ‘Alliance’ cuts precisely in order to change the world.

As you head for the wall, he explains that he is a ‘Lorewalker’, which means that he is an artist of the spoken word.  Handing you some paints, he goes on to say that sadly, his skills with that sort of art leave something to be desired, and he would like you to paint his wall.  You are given the choice, on interacting with the wall, to paint either a picture of Anduin Wrynn, something abstract, or something heroic.  As you paint, Cho says that you should not speak- you should instead allow the painting to do so.  Pandaren, he explains, see the beauty in everything- the shapes of plants, the natural world, and even the potentially violent acts of a warrior.

Once you are done, he examines the painting you have made for him and comments on what it could say about you or about the Alliance as a whole.  Leaving that to percolate in your mind, he tells you his errands are almost complete- all that remains is to offer you the honor of feeding his exotic birds from the tub of bird feed in front of his house.

When you use the tub, he explains that not all allies in Pandaria can be won over with warlike actions, and bids you remember that for the future.  As the birds gather around you for their luncheon, he notes that they have taken to you quite well- and he will do as they have.

Finally, the Lorewalker welcomes you and asks what he can do for you.

When you talk to him, Cho compliments you on your work around his house, and then declares it time to get down to bee’s wax and find the missing prince.

The dream brew, he claims, can expand the consciousness and show the drinker events happening all around Pandaria- he will teach you how to use it properly, and then you can find the prince by doing so.  First, though, he needs your help to create a new batch.